Your NaNo Survival Kit

It’s November which means, you’re faced with the same decisions that face all writers each November: To Nano or Not To Nano?

If you’re me, you have a big case FOMO when it comes to anything authorly which is why I’ve been to over 26 writing conferences and taken over 100+ workshops. The thought of writers doing something fun where I’m not there is too much for me to handle.

You’re an author. You write novels. So stop wasting time on the decision and tell yourself: “Yes, you are going to participate in NaNoWriMo.”

What’s the worst that could happen…you’ll have either an entire novel or a huge chunk of one written. Not sure that either one of those are bad options.

Let’s get prepared so we can have the best NaNo month ever by putting together our NaNoWriMo Survival Kit.

  • Sparkling H2O
  • Notebooks, pens and divider tabs
  • Wordless Spotify Playlists
  • Headphones
  • Tea
  • Healthy Snacks & Treats
  • Takeout Menus
  • Essential oils
  • Scented Candles
  • Cozy Sweater or Hoodie
  • Writing Blanket
  • An Egg Timer
  • An online fitness membership to the Daily Burn or

And the 3 most essential parts

  1. A Clean Workspace is key to being productive. Less is more when it comes to your desk. And I’m not just saying that because I’m a minimalist. There have been studies that prove a clear desk is not a creative mind but a cluttered and unproductive mind mired in overwhelm. Why do you think writers escape to hotel rooms to get writing done? For the clean, uncluttered workspace and environment. So what to do with all that stuff sitting on top of your desk? Dump it all in a box for December or better yet, just throw it away. I promise you won’t miss it.
  2. An Outline aka Your Book Bible is your Roadmap for the next 30 days on what to write, who to write about and the order in which to put it all together. Not only does this remove the need to make notes to yourself each day on what to write the next day but it’s a massive timesaver in terms of jogging your memory of your story line, your character’s GMC, your setting, the time of day and everything else you could possibly need to write your novel. You simply pick it up, look where you last left off and start writing. Get my Ultimate Book Outline Template when you join PREPtober – the FREE 31-day Outlining & Plotting course at – it’s the Bonus file for Day 31.
  3. And most important >> Join a Support Group! No one else is going to understand what you’re going through more than another writer. All of the time you spent explaining not only what NaNo was to your friends and family but trying to spell it out for them, you could’ve written an entire chapter by now! In addition to adding buddies on the official NaNo site, I’m hosting a 30-day daily support group over at where you’ll have a note in your inbox everyday to help you to stay on track, daily video lessons on productivity and craft to make sure you have the tools you need to finally…finish that novel!


Lisa London is a romance author, graphic designer & digital marketing strategist. You can find her giving out advice to writers at https:// where you can also download the FREE Book Launch Checklist.


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