Wondering if the $230 Penna Bluetooth Keyboard from Elretron is worth it? And more importantly, how does it stack up against the more popular Qwerkywriter mechanical keyboard?

I purchased it on Indiegogo and am doing an unboxing of the Penns white keyboard with cherry switch keys along with the Elretron briefcase for mechanical keyboards that came with it.

For the Qwerkywriter Keyboard Unboxing –


Today we’re in boxing the Penna keyboard along with its matching. I shouldn’t say matching. This was the only bag available. It’s matching sort of bag briefcase thing and I say matching because it does, it should be able to fit the keyboard in here without damaging it. However, it does just look like a normal bag to me, um, but we’ll look at it a little closer and see what you get.

Hi everyone. I’m Lisa bestselling coauthor of the Snow & Her Seven Seals series. And on this channel we talk about romance writing specifically for Newbie and aspiring romance authors. So if this sounds like you are something you might be interested in, make sure to hit the subscribe button below. I post new videos every Monday. Today we were doing an unboxing of the keyboard. Now the pedal keyboard was on Indiegogo and I believe it came out freedom around the same time as the quirky writer, which I had already purchased. And there is an unboxing. I’ll leave a link for that below. And the quirky only comes in black. So it was really excited because the pen, it comes in white and pink. And Green, and this is going to be coming out in three different colors in January. So I did preorder that on indiegogo. Clearly I’m addicted to keyboards and that comes out.

That doesn’t start shipping though until January. You can still order a quirky writer for I think 2:29. So it didn’t go up five that much in price if you didn’t get the early bird pricing. Now the Nice thing about this one is I really liked the chrome cap, uh, or you could have also ordered just regular keys. You had a choice, I think between the two. So these keys, just so you know, they’re um, they’re called Cherry switch keys I think. And they are exactly the same on both devices. The major difference is that this slot here, this was a huge fail that I notice it cannot hold an ipad pro. It’s not wide enough for that. Your ipad pros not going to fit horizontally, you can only put it in vertically. Whereas with the rookie writer, you can fit it all the way across. You can fit it all the way across because it doesn’t have any edges on it versus the Pena, which does have an edge.

So you can only put it in here. It doesn’t fit a the long way at all. I guess you could put it this way. No, you can’t. It’s gonna fall. So that is the quirky writer. So are the pet and keyboard. So how much did this cost? This cost? One hundred and 84 on indiegogo. And then it was $49 for shipping, which brought it up to 233. Now I did see that they started posting these recently on Amazon for two. Oh nine. And then it’s prime. So you would get free shipping, which is nice. Uh, so that would have been less, but they have a very limited quantity, I think I looked on there recently and it said they had two available so there weren’t a lot. But the other thing too is they also have a briefcase that came it and this was 69 on their site, which I say their site, it’s indiegogo versus 79 on Amazon prime.

So this briefcase, I thought it would be something really special and unique, but it’s basically just a regular briefcase. It can hold the keyboard, I thought it would do something special to protect it, but it’s just a regular holder and then it has a holder up here at the top two in theory. Hold your ipad pro so that can fit all the way in here. Um, and then you can, I guess put things in here or a couple pens. Obviously your apple pencil that you need to go with your ipad pro. Uh, and let’s see, we can put the keyword in here.

So the hardest part about these, because I have taken these out on the road, have taken the quirky writer on the road without having a case for it and uh, the keys did fall off. So that is something to be worried about. So it is a perfect fit. It does fit in there perfectly. So I guess that’s the nice part about it. And then you have some snaps here on the front, but it is hard to snap because everything’s full. So I can’t even imagine putting another thing in there. In fact, I can’t even snap this close in right now. It just has, you saw two things, the ipad pro and the keyboard. So I guess you could just carry it without having it closed and just having the flap open. So that’s what you get. So let’s do an unboxing to see what it arrives in.

Now this dinner arrived super quick. It took a while to ship out. So I ordered this I think in. I’ll tell you exactly when I ordered it. I ordered this August twelfth and then it didn’t ship out until this last Monday, which was September 15th. And then it did arrive by noon today on Wednesday, September 18th. So it came from Korea. I mean when you paid 49 for shipping, they obviously used all that money to ship everything over a. So it came super quick. But again, if you are ordering from Indiegogo as you know, two risks with Indiegogo, one you could be funding a campaign where you’re not going to get anything in return. So Numero Uno, they could not fulfill things. And the second thing is there is no guarantee on when things will ship out. As you can see, this took over a month there. I emailed them and ask them when they’re shipping things out, they’re saying it’s about two weeks.

But considering the Amazon supply right now is only. They have a couple in stock. It doesn’t look like they are. They have a lot of things in stocks. You might have to wait until a new shipment is, is built. In fact I saw another youtuber that had done an unboxing and hers I think took four to six months. So let’s check it out. So to wrap this black looking package with just this tape and it had kind of an outline of a keyboard here, but you have the DHL labels over here so you can’t really see it and it has a bunch of warnings just about the plastic. So let’s see. I’m not even sure where to cut because they want to ruin it. There’s no directions. I know I’m not counting properly. Don’t cut. Don’t cut towards yourself.

See, it looks like it is. Instead of using a box, I’m guessing this was less expensive to do it this way. There’s no box, there’s just a lot of plastic and then it looks like bubble wrap. Oh, there is a box. There is a box, like a box, like a box within a box. See, I did it. I just put a knife on the case because I’ve been careful. Right. So otherwise it’s been a really nice briefcase. Had I not taken the knife to it, it says l which must be their brand name. And inside here we have some plastic and so just so you know, this is a really like future brown. Just going to say it’s like an Icky, like I thought, I don’t know what I thought it just looked like a different shade online, but that’s okay. And it has a ton of little compartments in here to hold everything in apartments compartments for your pens and I have no idea what this is.

I guess you could buckle something in there. And then this must be where the keyboard goes inside of here. So we’ll test it out in a minute. All right, next we have a another box and I won’t even use the knife because clearly I am just going to damage things. So in here now we have two dogs. This is our keyboard, so you have the cute little pen, a logo over here and we have just one seal, so the whole box is this forest green. You can see that and when we open inside then there is a little how to connect Bluetooth step one, two, three and four talks about your switch and over here there are some more directions on I guess the keys and firmware and troubled looks nice and it comes in this nice package so I got the white one with what I guess are called they’re cherry keys.

I just thought this look nicer. They said that the other keys were more responsive but they look more like a laptop keyboard, which I might as well just bought a laptop and it looks like it comes with extra plastic little stoppers. I guess that you can put it on the bottom, on the bottom that it comes with batteries and then nice every time. Christmas. I’m always sad when I get a toy. Well, obviously when I was kid I was always say I got a toy in the regular batteries because carrot usually thinks to buy batteries. Mine never did. So let’s see. And nothing was ever open back then. Okay, so we’ll get this in here. And this is interesting because the quirky one doesn’t operate on batteries and the old apple keyboards used to operate on batteries, but now they are all non battery operated.

Instead they all operate on, they get charged, right? So this is our keyboard. This is very light. So the quirky keyboard is very heavy. Um, this one is very light. So I like that it looks like this stays up and it goes down and that must be the light that tells us whether or not it’s on. Obviously there’s no Wifi or connection or maybe that’s Bluetooth. So let’s check it out and try to turn it on. You’re simply going to hit this button and then you’ll see this light up. And to connect it with Bluetooth, you’ll want to make sure your devices on and then you can go into hitting F, N, and B, I believe for Bluetooth. And then that should light up this light. And then on your Ipad, I’ll show you here, you can go over to Bluetooth and then you can see pena one and it will be connected for you.

Now it does say that you can assign different connections with the function keys. I didn’t really get into that, um, it didn’t seem to really work for me, uh, but I haven’t really tried it that much. So it works just as you would expect. So this is interesting. So the typing is coordinated with, I know you can’t see the screen, but it types just like you would expect it has the hepatic feedback on the keys and it makes the same exact sound as the keyboard for the quirky writer. The only thing that’s different is this return key. So it doesn’t go to the left or the right, it goes up and down. And so if I hit the down button, it actually re types. Um, the line that I wrote before, so if I hit that again, it’ll just automatically, I guess it only doesn’t want, but I’ll retype everything that you typed since the last time you hit that if you want to read type it, which is kind of interesting.

I’ve never seen that. Um, so it actually doesn’t do a carriage return to the next line for you. Nothing happens except it re type stuff. I don’t know if that’s normal or maybe it’s a defect, but you can pretty much just ignore that thing right there to the side and you can put it down and it’s still on. So I’m totally bombed that. I can’t put my ipad pro in horizontal because that’s how I like to write. I don’t really like to write vertical, but I’ll give it a try and test it out. I do like that I have a bag to carry it in because right now even with the quirky writer, I don’t carry it around because I’m worried about I’m breaking it and I know what you’re thinking. Can the quirky writer fit in here and yes, you can put your quirky writer into this bag instead of the Pena and it fits just fine and if you can see it because it’s black, it’s inside of there too.

And same thing with this one. You still can’t close it when you, when you push everything back together. So something to be aware of. All right? So leave a comment below and let me know if you like keyboards or you think this was just a crazy waste of money. Um, for me, I really love using it. So if it’s going to help me or motivate me to write like anything like chocolate, I’m a Latte, a beautiful sunset where I could write and look out a window to me, those things are all worth it because I can get an extra one to 10, 20,000 words out. So that is how I make my writing related decisions. All right. I hope everyone is having a great happily ever after date and I will talk to you guys next week. Bye.