While tropes are definitely a major selling point, they’re also a major avoidance point for many readers. Today we’re talking about the Top 3 Romance Tropes That Have Trended Out Over the years – they were once hot but today they’re definitely not. And then the Top 3 Romance Tropes I will never write.


  • 0:43 What is a Romance Trope
  • 1:44 Outdated Trope #1 Bad Boy Billionaire Playboy
  • 2:20 Outdated Trope #2 Stepbrother Romance
  • 2:45 Outdated Trope #3 Tattoos of any kind – men that are supposedly sexy just because they have tattoos
  • 3:27 Tropes I Will Never Write #1 – Second Chance Romance – I think this sends the wrong message to women everywhere that they shouldn’t move on with their lives and instead should remain stuck int he past pining over the dude who screwed them over, dumped them or worse. Move on, sister! There are literally billions of other men on this planet.
  • 4:30 Tropes I Will Never Write #2 – Secret Love Child where the woman purposely hides it from the father and then springs it on him years later and is then angry at him for not being excited that he’s a dad
  • 5:34 Tropes I Will Never Write #3 – Breaking the girl code and dating your BFF’s Ex. As someone who believes in collaboration over competition and the bonds of sisterhood, this is also sending the wrong message that should things not work out with your friend’s boyfriend, maybe you can swoop in afterwards and take him. This is the opposite of classy.
  • 6:36 Recap of the romance tropes

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Now today we are only talking about the three that have trended out that you should avoid like the plague as well as three that I wish would trend out and I for sure avoid like the plague.

Hi everyone. I’m Lisa bestselling coauthor of the Snow & Her Seven Seals series. And on this channel we talk all about romance writing specifically for Newbie and aspiring romance authors. So if this sounds like you are something you might be interested in, make sure to hit the subscribe button below. I post new videos every Monday. To. Of all, what is a romance trope? Well, it is simply a literary device to bring two characters together for the purpose of love. There needs to be a reason why these two are crossing paths, why they are coexisting in the same sphere of the universe, why they are always running into each other because previously they were both leading separate lives independent of each other. Even if they worked in the same building or lived right next door to each other, there would be no reason for them to be physically around each other and then obviously building a romance.

Now today we’re going to only talk about the top three that have trended out because just like people tell you maybe not to write to trends, if you don’t write fast, you should definitely not right these trends at all, no matter what your speed of writing is. However, if you want to know what the top 10 most popular romance tropes are, I have a totally separate video and I will leave a link below to that and it’s called the top 10 most popular romance tropes. Alright, so the first one is the bad boy billionaire who is a really strong alpha male. Maybe he is a playboy or all of the above and the girl who comes along and is able to break through that ice exterior. These are so gone. You don’t even want to go with a billionaire route. Not that your guy can’t be rich and a billionaire, but that shouldn’t be the trope going on.

Now for sure. This was very popular with 50 shades of gray, which is a bdsm as well that as a sub genre, bdsm is not dead. I’m just saying the billionaire, a bad boy, romance is gone as well as number two, which is stepbrothers, so this was the forbidden love where there are two siblings that are not related at all by blood, so they’re not half sister, half brother. It is simply just a parents that got together and married each other with children from previous marriages. So these were so hot you could not write these fast enough, but that was like half a decade ago or maybe even a decade ago. The third one is tattoos like that hardcore biker guy, like sons of anarchy, anarchy where there sleeved and tattoos, possibly a lumbersexual with tons of facial hair or dress like Paul Bunyan and this is a nother of the bad boy billionaire where these are just really tough blue collar, like masculine sort of strong dudes.

And those also have just gone away. So no more tattoos, no more rich billionaires and suits and no more step siblings getting together. Now, which three do I personally never ever write? These haven’t really trended out. In fact, they’re kind of popular. Uh, the first one is second chance romance. And that is when two people broke up, moved on with their lives, but for whatever reason, maybe she went back home to our hometown because her, her relative, her mom or her dad is sick, or the businesses having troubles. So she’s coming back home to save it. And Oh, by the way, there’s her high school sweetheart, or the guy that left her at the altar and they get back together. And personally I think this sends a wrong message to women everywhere that they should just not move on with their lives. They shouldn’t move forward.

And after the breakup they should just keep the flame going and hope that this person and her cross paths again and they can get back together. I think this is the worst romance trope in the entire world, whether it is fiction or it is real life. Um, so I personally never watch it. I never write it. I don’t even mention it. None of my couples or any of the surrounding supporting cast of characters would ever get together like this. Now this second one is going to be secret babies. So I also don’t believe in secret babies. I don’t think women should have babies, keep it a secret from the father for whatever reason. Runoff raised the child for two, three, five, 10 years, whatever it is, and then come back later and finally tell him because they are either forced to or they decide it’s time to tell them or the daughter, our son wants to learn more about their dad and then they act all surprised that the guy is angry.

Of course he’s angry. I don’t know. This whole secret baby thing to me is just wrong. Maybe it’s because I’m personally I’m adopted so I don’t know honestly who my real parents are, but I would like to think that my real, I shouldn’t say real, but my biological father at least had a chance to know and then made a conscious decision to give me up for adoption versus like there’s just somebody out there in the universe that doesn’t even know that I exist. Like I just think that is unfair and not at all romantic. And the third one is recycling your best friend’s ex or your sister’s acts. I don’t get this like does anybody listened to the girl code anymore? There are billions of people in the universe and this is the one guy you want is the one that didn’t work out with them.

Even if she’s no longer in love with them. Just find somebody new. You don’t have to be with this person. That is that. There’s no such thing as soulmates. You can have many people that you can get along with and be very happy with. So maybe I’m giving dating advice right now, but I don’t think this is a good romance or sends a good message to anybody, especially because I don’t believe in second chance romance. So I would like to think that the reason that someone is moving on so that they can move on with their lives and if their best friend in the whole world or their sister is now married or dating their x, how can they really move on and why didn’t it work out with the first person? Like these are things that I personally as a reader and a writer and just a person in life don’t like.

So let’s recap this list. So the first few were things that have trended out and that is the bad boy, billionaire, the stepbrother, and the Tattoo Guy, and the top three that I really wish would trend out just for my personal branding and reasons I would never write about his second chance, romance, secrets, baby. And the third one is taking recycling your best friends or your sisters x. all right, so that is the list for today. Make sure to go watch the 10 most popular romance tropes if you did not see that. And I hope everybody is having a happily ever after day. And I will see you guys next week. Bye.