First, do you even remember what goals you set for yourself this time last year? If not, that’s also part of the problem.

It’s sooo-o easy to set & make goals over and over again. And it doesn’t involved a $2K system or even a scaled down DIY system for less $.

I’ve been helping literally hundreds of thousands of people over the years with achieving their goals in both personal and career. And there are 5 distinguishing habits that set the winners who make their goals every year apart from those who never do.


  • 0:18 Hello, I’m Lisa
  • 1:00 Problem #1 | Multitasking
  • 1:30 Multitasking decreases productivity by 40%
  • 1:38 Multitasking decreases your IQ by 10%
  • 1:53 Solution Decrease your goals by 1/2 and again by 1/2 until you only have 1-2
  • 2:07 The more goals you have, the LESS likely you are to achieve them
  • 2:43 Problem #2 | Focusing on the negative
  • 3:15 How to lose weight
  • 3:41 Problem #3 | Outta sight, Outta mind
  • 4:08 How to keep your goals front & center
  • 5:00 Problem #4 | Overwhelmed By Your Stretch Goals
  • 5:19 What is the BHAG – per Jim Collins
  • 5:55 What happens when you have too many items on your To Do List?
  • 6:08 Solution Create a Gantt Chart
  • 6:50 What is the Critical Path?
  • 8:18 Problem #5 | Your Environment


Today I’m going to share with you the top five reasons that people fail to achieve whatever it is they were hoping to do in 2017, and how you can avoid those, and make sure that you do accomplish everything you set out to do in 2018.

I‘ve been doing HR for over a decade. Before that I was a personal trainer. So, I’ve been working and studying different people on how to set goals, and how to make sure they’re smart, and they have accountability, and they’re written down, and everything else that everyone prescribes as being a fail-safe system for achieving those goals yet people fail to do it over and over again.

What’s going on here? Now not everybody is a failure. There have been a good number of people who are achieving those goals. I noticed a huge difference between those two either the ones that wanted to lose weight, or the ones that wanted to get promotions at work that were working very closely with me, and the ones who just didn’t get it.

So, the first major thing is multitasking. It’s just having too many goals. It’s just like when people say you’re multi-passionate, and you’re doing a ton of different businesses and hobbies, and passions, and you can’t really seem to get any traction or make the Amazon Best Seller list, or hike and make the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, or beat the best in the marathon time ever because you’re just doing too many things.

So, we know that multitasking decreases your productivity by 40%. It lowers your IQ by another 10%, so why do you think having a huge list of goals for 2017 or 2018 or whatever year it is, or week or month, is going to help you to make that any better or more achievable this year than it did last year.

So, whatever you had on your list for last year, not only cut it in half, do that again. Try to have no more than one or two goals for the whole year. I know that sounds crazy because it seems like it’s a whole year, I have so much time. It doesn’t matter. The more goals you have, the less likely you are to achieve them.

There is a university, Cornell College in Iowa that I really wanted to go to. It’s really unique because they have students focusing on one class every semester. They’re not taking a full load of courses and spreading their attention in different areas, they are simply focused on one class. They finish it after 18 days, and then they move on to another class for 18 days, and that’s how they make it through an entire semester. Now I think that’s genius, and if you can do that with your goals, I think you are going to be a genius as well.

The number two thing is their focus on negative goals. So, as you know especially when it comes to weight loss, it’s I want to eat less sugar, I want to eat less fried food. The more you focus on what you’re not supposed to do like calling your ex-boyfriend or thinking about him, the more you end up doing it. It’s just human nature.

So, look at your goals, and if anything is negative or a “stop doing that” kind of goal, get rid of it, and replace it with a healthy habit. So, instead, I always tell people when they want to lose weight, instead of saying I’m going to eat less fried food, say you’re going to eat at least 5 vegetables and four pieces of fruit every day. That’s a lot of food. By the time you’re done eating that, you’re probably so sick of eating you don’t want to eat anymore, or you know you have to get all of those other things; the fruits and vegetables in, so there is no time to eat the french fries. That’s what you should be trying to do with all of your goals.

The other thing is, they aren’t front and center everyday. So, they are something you write down, which is great. Don’t get me wrong, that is the first step in having a really good goal, and achieving it. But the second thing is you have to look at it everyday. You can’t just write it down and forget about it. I mean, think about all of the things you write down every day; to-do list, shopping list, a note, or whatever. You forget about it. So, it needs to be because it’s so small, it’s one to two. It should be either screen saver on your computer. It should be front and center up on your wall. It should literally be what I do with my goals is I paste them to my mirror in the bathroom, so every morning when I brush my teeth or at night, or even when I’m getting ready, I see my goals right there in front of my face. They are not in my desk waiting for me to open a drawer and then look at them, am I at leisure. They’re right there.

Another way too, if you’re not that … you have roommates, or you wouldn’t want other people seeing your goals is to also then just send yourself an “if this, then.” If that then sort of app. So, you can just program it so everyday it send you a text message or an email that tells you what your goal is, and you read it every day. Repetition is going to ingrain that goal into your head so that you don’t forget about it.

The fourth thing is I see people getting overwhelmed with their goals. So, they have such a big awesome goal, and there is nothing wrong with that first of all. So, if you’ve ever heard Jim Collins speak, and he doesn’t talk about this a lot in his book, but when he speaks at conferences and conventions, he does an excellent job of talking about what he calls The BHAG. The BHAG is a Big Hairy Audacious Goal. He advocates, which I am a strong proponent of is having a goal that scares you, like something so amazing and great that you just think that’s so unrealistic, right? But it’s something you very, very much want and feel passionate about, and would definitely improve the quality of your life and make you feel good about the time that you would spend working on it.

Now the problem with the BHAGs is that you get overwhelmed. It’s just like having a big to-do list where you have so much stuff you need to do. Instead of just tackling that list, you end up thinking about all the ways that you can’t do that list because you don’t have enough time, or how can you get out of that list, or how can you push things off to the next day instead of just doing the work. It’s the same thing with the BHAG. So, you need to do what project managers do. You need to create a Gantt chart. If you’ve never seen a Gantt chart, a Gantt chart actually fills in, in a calendar from beginning to end. So, January first through the 15th, I need to research how to create characters, right? If it’s a book. January 16th through the 30th, I need to research Scotland because that’s where my book is going to be taking place. Then February 1st through the 5th, right.

All of these tasks can occur simultaneously. However, there is something called a critical path inside a Gantt chart. The critical path means that task A must happen before task B, and task B must happen before C. Even if C1, 2, 3, and 4 can all happen concurrently, task D cannot occur until task C4 or whatever has been achieved. That is what’s called your critical path. The critical path will then guide you throughout the year or the month, or however long it takes you to achieve that goal so that you know whether or not you are on track.

So, all of our goals should be treated like a project in such that you are creating a Gantt chat for it, and it’s broken down just like they say, into deliverables, into tasks, into research items, into milestones so that you know exactly whether or not you’ve achieved it or you’re on track. Again, that critical path, if it takes you, let’s say 10 days to do task C before you can get to D, and now it’s taking you 20 days because it just took you longer than you anticipated, or you went on vacation or you had a sick kid or whatever. Your critical path has now moved out 10 days, because those critical steps have to be completed one consecutively before the other.

So, it’s a good way to gauge whether or not you’re on track, and it helps you to then move all of those other tasks over because you know what has to be done before and after other things. So, that is definitely the first thing so that you don’t feel overwhelmed.

The next thing is your environment. So, I think you guys all know I’m a minimalist. There is not a whole lot here inside my office. I don’t even have drawers, I simply have glass tables because I don’t keep stuff. The less stuff you have in your life, whether … and I mean stuff, like literally physical things sitting on your table in your drawers, on your walls. The less there is, the more that you are going to achieve in life, the more that you are going to be able to think clearly. I know it sounds intuitive because a lot of creative people will put different things around to inspire them. That’s really not the way inspiration works. I think you need a blank slate, because you need to create space in your mind and in your environment so new things can come in.

The same thing works with goals. If you’re still wasting, do what they call a Pareto chart, right? The 80-20 rule. If you’re spending 80% of your time checking email, but you’re not actually creating any content or writing any pages, you’re not really moving yourself forward. So, get rid of those emails, sign up for Unroll Me. Unsubscribe from them, delete them. I mean, they’re not helping you in life. The same thing goes with stuff. The more stuff you have, the more you have to clean it, the more you have to … money you waste insuring it, the more time you spend arranging it, the more money you waste at, what’s that? The container store figuring out ways to compartmentalize, and tag it.

Again, just do a huge purge, right? Just throw stuff away. Make sure you have a good environment. That includes people too. If you have a lot of negative influences or people that are always like, “It can wait till tomorrow. Don’t do that.” Get rid of them. They’re not going to help you at the end of the day become a best selling author, they’re not going to help you to create that YouTube channel. Only take in the things that you need. I can’t even emphasize this enough. You’re going to save so much more money. Your mind is going to be clear. It’s just like when people meditate, right? They don’t try to think of a ton of different things. They’re not trying to read 10 different books at once, and listen to TV, and have the radio on, and have a conversation. Meditation is all about calm and space, and thinking about nothing, right? That’s what sets your mind, resets your mind, and helps to program you for the day.

So, it’s the same thing with all of the stuff in your house, and the clutter in your life. So, get rid of it. You know what I mean. I’ll stop preaching.

All right. That is my top five list. Again, it really has nothing to do with creating SMART goals. I think we all can create SMART goals, and we know tons of people that have great SMART goals. I know hundreds of thousands of people that I’ve helped make SMART goals, and employee goal setting systems that didn’t achieve them. Not even 5%. So, it’s more about all of those other things that go along with supporting that goal.

Go ahead and leave a comment for me below in a big mistake that, or something that you’ve noticed that has prevented you from achieving your goals in the past and what you are going to do instead to make sure that doesn’t happen again in the future.

All right. I hope everyone is having an amazing start to 2018, and you’re super excited about your goals, and I will see you guys next week. Bye.


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