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Scroll down to get the NaNo Starter Kit for over 75% OFF!!

Finally, an Author Toolkit that

  • Tells you exactly what to do
  • Helps you figure out what to write about

AND Eliminates

  • Procrastination
  • Writer’s Block
  • Self Doubt
  • False Starts

What Is NaNo?

NaNo = National Novel Writing Month = NaNoWriMo

What & When | It’s the one month of every year when professional, amateur and aspiring writers all over the world set out to write 50K words during the month of November. It could be 50K words towards a novel, a memoir, a collection of blog posts or anything else you’d like to write.

Your commitment to write 50K words in 30 days

Why the NaNo Starter Kit?

because Friends Don’t Let Friends Write Alone

Procrastination | Ever blocked out time to write, only to find yourself procrastinating with research, Facebook or Netflix

Writer’s Block | Ever find yourself staring at a blank page or better yet deleting everything you just wrote

Burnout | Ever have a fantastic week where you doubled your normal word count, only to find you’ve lost all your steam for the following week

Everything collected into one massive Author Success Toolkit:

  • Proven worksheets
  • Guided outlines
  • Video lessons
  • Webinar Replays
  • Author Bullet Journal Challenge
  • 2018 Daily NaNo Planner
  • Slide Decks
  • Checklists
  • And More

How would you like to…

  • Become a Published Author
  • Monetize your book ideas
  • Create a lucrative side-career as a writer
  • Finally afford that fancy vacation you’ve been dreaming about
  • Have the ability to work from wherever
  • Gain the freedom to make your own hours
  • Define success on your own terms
  • Start and grow a business that gives you freedom
  • Design your dream life

Anything is possible

Have you ever thought

“Hey, I could write that book so much better than this one.” Or maybe you thought….

  • I really wish they had made the heroine more likeable
  • Why didn’t Harry and Hermione become a couple
  • I would love to write a romance, sci-fi, young adult or any other type of genre fiction novel
  • Why is there not a book about Urban Fantasy Fairies living in New York City
  • Where are all the good books about Assassins
  • Why did they ruin the story with a boring villain
  • Why isn’t the author moving the story forward faster
  • Why aren’t there more cozy mystery books about donut shops

Getting an MFA isn’t a real solution to becoming an author:

  • Exorbitantly Expensive  Would I even make back my initial investment of $20K, $30K or even $100K that some graduate schools charge?
  • Literary Fiction Ummm, those are great for Newberry Awards but I want to write exciting, fast-paced page turners like Stephen King, Nora Roberts, Charlaine Harris, Harlan Coben, Jill Shalvis and other New York Times Bestselling commercial genre fiction novels
  • Two Years I don’t want to wait two entire years until I can start working on my novel while I do an entire semester of research for my thesis

But DIY-ing it all alone isn’t the answer either:

  • If I have to read one more blog post on vague author advice, I’ll scream
  • Are the only people giving writing advice really not even published? Do I want to take writing advice from people who can’t even write a novel themselves?
  • There’s information overload out there about so many random topics…can’t someone organize this into a more logical order for me?

If you’re on this page (and look! You ARE) chances are HIGH that like me, you’ve discovered the same thing…

  • You’re ready to monetize your great book ideas, but you’re struggling to create the perfect novel
  • What you’ve typed out so far looks nothing like the bestselling page-turner you know you can write
  • Or maybe you’ve created some awesome characters you know that readers will fall in love with but are just having trouble fitting them into a cohesive cast and interesting plot
  • What you need is someone to help you DIY your book ideas into something bestseller-worthy
  • You need someone to show you how to do it Page-by-blank-white-page

Make Your Dreams A Reality – I can help!

  • Want to finally afford that dream vacation? Done!
  • Want the ability to work from wherever? Done!
  • Want the freedom to make your own hours? Done!

And the best part?

You’re in charge of your own success – anything is possible once you know how to outline + write your bestselling novels!

Why You Need To Become An Author

  • MAKE YOUR OWN HOURS Because it will buy you freedom to make your own hours.
  • REMODEL YOUR HOME So you can afford that kitchen remodel you’ve been wanting: Granite countertops and marble flooring? Go for it!
  • SPA DAY Because it will allow you to upgrade your current lifestyle: Hello spa days & maid service!
  • YOU’RE THE BOSS So you can be in charge of your own future: Didn’t get that raise or promotion at the office? Who cares? You get to decide how much your income will be this year based on how many books you’re willing to write.
  • PASSIVE INCOME So you can make money 24/7! imagine waking up to find out you’ve made your entire month’s rent while you were sleeping?
  • FOLLOW YOUR PASSION So you can do what you love. You were going to create and dream about planners anyway so why not make some extra $$ while you do!
  • BE THE #1 BREADWINNER So you can save the day in your household and pay next month’s bills: Unexpected HVAC repairs for the home? No problem!

Introducing the NaNo Starter Kit

What Will This Course Give You:

  • MORE PROFIT Because readers are always looking for good books (ever spent any amount of time looking for a new book on Amazon, GoodReads, Barnes & Noble or even while standing at the checkout lane at Wal-Mart?)
  • LESS FRUSTRATION Never stare at a blank page again (I have over 100+ workbook pages to share with you!)
  • MORE CONFIDENCE Always know exactly what you’re going to write about every time you open your laptop (No more writer’s block)
  • MORE TIME Want a complete outlining workbook, pre-made questions that you simply fill out and step-by-step instructions on how to plan just about everything in your novel? Of course, you do. The need to Google “writing outline template” no longer applies to you.
  • SAVE MONEY Any Writing Coach will charges between $100 – $250 / hour but you’ll never have to pay a writing coach again because you’re Workbooks are your built-in, there for you anytime you need them Writing Coach
  • MORE SALES A huge part of being a Published Author isn’t just writing books but knowing how to write books readers want – craft your bestseller with the Book Outline Template
  • INSIDER INFO Get my Little Black Book of Writing Resources, Tools + Supplies
  • MORE FREEDOM Make your own hours and work from wherever when you’re an author

What’s covered in the course?

Walk away from each module with workbooks, planners and an Outline Template

Module 1

31-Day Outlining Course

Module 2

Scene Outline Template

Module 3

50+ Page Planners

Video Course

Want someone to walk you through each part of outlining your book with real examples from bestselling books and popular movies? Then this is it! It even includes a complete breakdown of DieHards plot structure.

Format 31+Videos

Book Outline Template

It’s your Book Success Blueprint on how to write page-turning chapters so you’re never staring at a blank page again. This is your Writer’s Block Solution you’ve been searching for.

Format Microsoft Word

Two (2) 30-Day Planners

Track your writing productivity each day for 30 days with Word Count Goals that tell you exactly where you need to be each day in order to reach your 50K Word Count Total for the month. Space to record Novel Notes, exercise and journaling. First 10 pages are tips on how to writer faster!

Planners Dated Nov 2018 Planner and Undated Re-usable Planner

Pages 50+ each

Format PDF


Extra goodies to combat procrastination, self-defeat and writer’s block


Planning Your Release Dates


Finish NaNo EARLY


Author BuJo Challenge

Indie Publishing Schedule

Writing your part is only part of the challenge – being able to plan out and release your cover reveals and books on time is also a huge part of being a professional author. Get the guide on how to do it successfully for the next year.

Workbook 10 pages

Format PDF

Top 10 NaNo Hacks

Learn the secrets to success in this 45-minute webinar replay and get the slide deck, too! What is it that everyone else knows that you don’t – find out in this quick behind-the-scenes look at what the fastest most prolific writers already know.

Video 45 minutes

Download 45+ pages Slide Deck

Bullet Your Book

Want to get organized – this is it: The Bullet Your Book Author Bullet Journal Challenge. Three (3) days of webinar video replays and checklists to go with it, as well as a newbie Buying Guide on all the supplies you’ll need to get started.

Buying Guide | Best Tools + Supplies for beginners

Videos |  3 videos

Downloads | 3 Checklists + 3 Slide Decks

Core Modules $957 Value

  • 7+ Hours of Video Lessons (32 Videos) ($497 Value)
  • 50+ Page NaNo Planner ($19.99 Value)
  • 1 Scene Builder Template Yours to use + create bestselling plots ($147 Value)
  • 24/7 lifetime access + future updates + workbooks (Priceless)

3 BONUSES $1,029

  • Publishing Schedule Template + Guide ($47 Value)
  • Webinar Replay 10 NaNo Hacks To Finish EARLY ($97 Value)
  • Webinar Slides 50+ pages ($197 Value)
  • Bullet Your Book 3-Day Challenge Replays 3 Videos ($297 Value)
  • Bullet Journal Challenge Slide Decks Over 100 slides filled with instructions + examples BuJo Layouts ($297 Value)
  • Bullet Journal Checklists Daily Challenge Checklists ($47 Value)

Total Value $1,645

Normally $197

ONLY $47 – Special Offer

Includes everything in Core PLUS Accountability ($835 Value)

  • 95+ Page Comprehensive Workbook ($197 Value)
  • Two (2) LIVE Group Check-In Calls ($591 Value)
  • Four (4) Weekly Monday Motivation Emails ($197 Value)
  • Complete 2019 Rose Gold Daily Planner  Over 100+ pages ($47 Value)
  • Private Forum To Connect With Other Authors (Priceless)

PLUS Replays

  • Lifetime access to calls
  • Webinar Replays of LIVE Calls
  • Private Forum for Connect With Other Writers

LIVE Calls start next week!*

  • Tuesday 10/30 @ 3pm PST | The Eve of the Eve Planning Session*
  • Monday 11/12 @ 3pm PST | Mid-NaNo Check-In + Reset*
  • *The Accountability Circle Automatically REPEATS for Camp NaNo in April & July + again in November 2019, etc.

Total Value $1,645+ $1,032 = $2,677

Normally $297

ONLY $67 – Special Offer

Special One-Time Offer $47

Expires in 30 minutes

No Code Necessary – Just click the ENROLL NOW Button Above



Special One-Time Offer $67

Expires in 30 minutes

No Code Necessary – Just click the ENROLL NOW Button Above



“About Lisa Siefert’s Writer Services >> Lisa was fantastic from start to finish. She was very quick to answer all of my questions and worked really hard to help me with any issues. I would highly recommend her. Lynn Balabanos

This Is a Complete Outlining Course

This is not a fluff course that tells you the what without the how to trick you into buying 1-1 coaching or editing services. I walk you through step-by-step, scene-by-scene exactly what to do, when to introduce your meet-cute & where to insert your black moment so you can have a fully functional & complete outline for NaNoWriMo.

Here’s a look at what you’ll get

  1. 34+ Video Lessons Slide decks, follow-along workbooks, checklists, webinar replays and more…with additional updated material being added all the time.
  2. 895+ Page Comprehensive Workbook Get your entire book outlined with these easy-to-follow along workbooks that accompany the video lessons [Note: Only included in the Plus Workbooks Upgrade]
  3. 3 Checklists Need an easy to follow along list of tasks for your Bullet Journal – then down the matching checklists that go with each day of the Challenge
  4. 3 Slide Decks Get the entire Bullet Your Book Challenge slides complete with instructions and 20+ bullet journal layout ideas for writers
  5. 2 Templates: Outlining and Publishing Schedule Want to put your entire book idea into an organized and structured template, then this is it. Never stare at a blank page again – your outline will tell you exactly what to write each day. And don’t forget to plan your next release or your entire series with the Publishing Schedule Templates
  6. 2 Planners Record and track your progress for every day of NaNoWriMo with this daily planner filled with Word Count Trackers and Novel Journaling Space. You get BOTH an updated Planner so you can NaNo EVERY MONTH and one specific to November 2018 so you can plan with a monthly, 2-page weekly and daily spreads for the whole month!
  7. 24/7 Lifetime Access Never have to worry about rushing through the material before it expires & learn at your own pace. Retake lessons as often as you like. Exclusive cloud access anywhere + on any device – all lessons are mobile-friendly. Watch them on your computer, your tablet or your phone.
  8. Access to Continual Updates Be kept current on the latest and greatest info, new templates, etc.
  9. Camp NaNo + Future NaNoWriMo’s Yes, I will be updating this and keeping it current for all future NaNo Events. Or better yet, you can use it to NaNo Every Month!
I was able to learn more from your 30 minute workshop than I did for an entire 12-week class I took before.” Shaundra P.

31-Day Outlining Course | aka PREPtober | Comprehensive Video Lessons w/Examples from Popular Movies + TV Shows

Includes Scene Outline Template Directions

Core Outlining Video Course

STOP wasting your time flitting from one free random video lesson to another – have someone walk you through step by step in an organized systematic method for creating a complete bestselling outline

31 Video Lessons

  1. Day 1 Choose an Outline Method
  2. Day 2 PREPtober Survival Kit
  3. Day 3 Review High Concept
  4. Day 4 – Reduce Your Idea to One Sentence
  5. Day 5 | Solidify Your Premise
  6. Day 6 My 7-Step Formula For Back Cover Copy
  7. Day 7 – Premise Audit & DIY Book Binder
  8. Day 8 – Best books for Creating Memorable Characters
  9. Day 9 – Review GMC
  10. Day 10 – External GMC
  11. Day 11 – Internal GMCs That Transform Your Characters
  12. Day 12 – How to put the “C” in GMC
  13. Day 13 – How Inherent Conflict Writes Your Story For You
  14. Day 14 – 3-Step Formula For Cast Conflict Audits
  15. Day 15 – 3 Myths of Inciting Incidents
  16. Day 16 – Top 10 Ingredients For Openings That Readers Can’t Put Down
  17. Day 17 – Plot Breakdown of Die Hard
  18. Day 18 – Plot Point #1 Breakdown of 50 Shades of Grey
  19. Day 19 – 7 Ways To Avoid Sagging Middles
  20. Day 20 – Plot Point #2
  21. Day 21 – What should go into Plot Point #3
  22. Day 22 – What Is Your Novel’s Black Moment
  23. Day 23 – The Black Moment “Scene & Sequel” Secret
  24. Day 24 – How to Resolve Your Impossible Black Moment
  25. Day 25 – HEA Because Happy Sells
  26. Day 26 – HEA – The How To Guide For Authors
  27. Day 27 – The Ultimate Sagging Middle Solution: Pinch Points
  28. Day 28 – How To Create Your Novel’s First Pinch Point
  29. Day 29 – How To Create Pinch Point #2
  30. Day 30 – How To Construct The Perfect Scene
  31. Day 31 – The Ultimate Scene Outline Template
The entire NaNo Starter Kit is hosted on the Thinkific Platform which is mobile friendly for both tablets and smartphones and works on


  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • iPads
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones: iPhone, Android or Windows

Upgrade to the PLUS Workbooks

Love workbooks that guide you through exactly what you need to be doing?

Me, too! Upgrade your NaNo Starter Kit to include the 95+ Page Outlining Workbook.

And as an added bonus: Find new author friends, get paired up with a WRITING BUDDY and keep yourself on track with a private Forum Group.

PLUS Workbooks Includes Everything in The NaNo Starter Kit Core PLUS

  • 95 Page Workbook: Outlining Your Book
  • LIVE Group Coaching Program (2 sessions – replays available after)
  • Partner Accountability – Make new friends + find a writing buddy as dedicated as you are!
  • Motivation Monday Emails (4 emails each week of NaNo delivered at 5am PST)
  • Private Forum To Network with other Writers Constant Check In, Encouragement, Support + Motivation

Outlining Workbook

Follow along with the 31-video lessons by recording all of your answers + notes in one central location

Follow along with all 30+ lectures using this comprehensive Workbook to brainstorm your novel and record your notes.

Multiple fill in the blank pages

Print and bind this at home or download it and use it on your iPad Pro

Pages 95

Format PDF


Group Coaching Calls

  1. Tuesday 10/30 @ 3pm PST | Eve of the Eve PREP Call + Accountability Partner Setup*
  2. Monday 11/12 @ 3pm PST | Mid-NaNo Check In Call + Calibration

All check-in calls are recorded and replays available immediately after.

The Accountability Circle Automatically REPEATS for Camp NaNo in April & July + again in November 2019, etc.

*WRITING BUDDY All attendees who wish to be paired up with another writer for accountability/friendship/encouragement will be done so on Call #1

Accountability Partner

Want a WRITING BUDDY? All attendees who wish to be paired up with another writer for accountability/friendship/encouragement will be done so on Call #1

Or simply join in the Private Forum Discussions and make everyone your Accountability Partners!

Motivation Monday Emails 

  1. Monday 11/5 @ 5am PST | Motivation Monday Email #1: How To Track Your Word Count
  2. Monday 11/12 @ 5am PST | Motivation Monday Email #2: How To Write With A Full-Time Job
  3. Monday 11/19 @ 5am PST | Motivation Monday Email #3: How To Make Up For Missed Days
  4. Monday 11/26 @ 5am PST | Motivation Monday Email #4: How To Finish Strong

All emails will go out right at 5am PST each Monday of NaNoWriMo to help keep you motivated, excited & engaged!

Rose Gold 2019 Planner

2-page Weekly Layout

Get a head-start on 2019 with this beautiful digital Rose Gold Planner.

You can print it out, 3-hole punch it and place it in a binder, take it to Kinko’s and have it spiral bound or use it in GoodNotes on your iPad Pro with your Apple Pencil as a Digital Planner!

Format PDF

How long does the course take?

You’ll have immediate lifetime access to the entire course as soon as you purchase, so you can work through all the material at your own pace. On average, it takes students about 1-2 weeks to complete all the lessons although some crank it out in a couple days. But you can definitely fast-track yourself and get your entire novel outlined and your book bible setup within a week or less if you’re really focused!

Can I use Microsoft Excel instead of Microsoft Word for the Outline Scene Template?

You could use anything that supports tables. The Word document is completely customizable or you can copy and paste the contents into any new application you want. Or better yet – do the Bullet Your Book Challenge (included in this NaNo Starter Kit) and make your own Book Outline Notebook or Series Bible!

Does this course apply to fiction writers only?

Yes, it’s meant for those who want to write commercial genre fiction, aka cozy mysteries, science fiction, urban fantasy, romance, young adult, etc. We go through the classic 3-act structure as well as explore other methods of outlining your novel.

Will this work for literary fiction

Absolutely not – literary fiction instruction is best prepared for by obtaining a traditional MFA program, reading a lot of Pulitzer Prize winning books like the Goldfinch and do not need to follow any type of structure, do not need a happy or satisfying ending nor do they require a plot. This course does not cover any of those types of elements.

how long is this course?

That all depends on you. The course is broken up into 3 modules and 3 bonuses. The first and biggest piece is the 31-day Outlining Course, previously called PREPtober which consists of 31 easy to consume 10-minutes or less video trainings. You can also read the transcripts if that is easier and faster for you!

What if I’ve never published or even written a book before?

That’s perfectly fine. In fact, you’ll learn how to outline correctly right from the beginning and get started forming good writing habits from the get-go.

What if I’m a pantser and not a plotter?

If you like to simply wing it and let the keys go where they will on any particular day with no forethought, at all then this is probably not the course for you. But if you’ve ever heard James Patterson talk about how he’s written so many books in so little time – it’s OUTLINING. That’s the secret.

What planners are included with this Kit?

There are 2 NaNo Planners included in the Core NaNo Starter Kit (1 – Undated NaNo Planner and 2 – A dated 2018 NaNo Planner for November 2018). There is also a 3rd Rose Gold 2019 Planner Included in the Upgrade to Accountability. Here’s what’s inside the core NaNo Planners:

  • Beautiful cover
  • Monthly at a glance word count log
  • Writing Conversion Chart
  • How to Write Faster Tips
  • Writing Goal Setting Guide
  • Daily Word Count Tracking
  • OVER 30+ Motivational Quotes to Inspire you

I already purchased the NaNo Planner from you on Etsy – is this the same one?

Kinda sorta – The Undated NaNo Planner is the same one but the new Dated NaNo Planner now includes a 2018 November Monthly Planner, November Weekly Planners and Daily Planners which it never had before.

What if I hate it – can I get a refund?

No. You can’t love the NaNo Starter Kit without getting instant access to all of the modules, all of the video lessons, all of the slide decks, the scene outline template, all of the checklists, all of the workbooks and all of the bonuses so for that reason, I don’t have payment plans and I’m not able to offer refunds due to the digital nature of the course. I want to share everything with you right away, right now.

Do you love books + love the idea of creating your own, whether it’s just to try it out or start a new side-hustle or writing career? Then you won’t hate this course. Seriously – this course rocks! It speaks your language – it’s all about what to write about, how to get your ideas onto paper, how to organize it and most importantly, how to write it & more. I can’t even image why you’d be unhappy for even a second. If there’s something missing from this course, you can guarantee that I’m in the process of adding it.

What happens after I purchase?

  1. You’ll promptly receive an email where you can access all video lessons + templates and get started right away!
  2. The downloads you receive will include Updated 2018 NaNo Planner, 80+ page Workbooks, 4 Slide Decks from the webinar replays + your Scene Outline Template
  3. You will get instant access to all Bonus Materials
  4. You will be find an Orientation video + instructions on how to navigate the course as soon as you log in.
  5. You’ll also be automatically added to the private Forum Group if you upgraded to the NaNo Accountability Group
  6. If you signed up for the NaNo Accountability Group, you’ll see a separate course within your bundle for all group coaching calls and materials.

Hello, there – I’m Lisa, Amazon Best-Selling Romance Co-Author of the Snow & Her 7 Seals Series. I’m 100% self-taught so don’t look for some days of yore story about how I’ve been writing stories since I was 5 because I haven’t. I have an MBA, not an MFA but discovered I love creating, drafting and writing fiction more and taught myself – and so can you!

I live in San Diego, love brunch dates, Afternoon Tea outings and I have a serious ice cream addiction. I’m also a graphic designer who creates Planners, Notebooks & Stationery which is why all of the NaNo Starter Kit Downloads are so PRETTY!

Sample Lesson

Full tutorial from Day 7 of the 31-day Outlining Course (previously called PREPtober)

Like all the video lessons in the 31-day outlining course, this one shows you the exact tools you need and how to organize your book binder which we’ll continue to build the rest of the 31-day course!

Let’s share the love

For each new student that signs up, I’m donating a percentage to ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) that aims to put a stop to animal cruelty and save lives. By investing in the NaNo Starter Kit, you’re not only investing in your future but also helping to rescue & provide veterinary care for countless animals in need.

Who Is This For

  • Anyone who wants to create Passive Income through books so they can get off the paycheck to paycheck hamster wheel
  • Anyone who knows success takes dedication and hard work and is willing to put in the time to achieve it
  • Anyone who cannot bear the idea of going one more day without going after their dreams
  • Anyone who knows they are meant for bigger and better and is ready to go after it
  • Anyone who wants to freedom to make their own hours
  • Anyone who wants to put themselves in the CEO chair and call themselves The Boss
  • Anyone who wants to be able to afford to give themselves and their family more in life
  • Romance Writers
  • Mystery Writers
  • Young Adult Writers
  • Science Fiction Writers
  • Paranormal Writers
  • Urban Fantasy Writers
  • Anyone who can’t find their dream book and wants to write their own

The possibilities are endless – the only person holding you back is you

Who Is This NOT For

  • Those who have no motivation or desire to do the work
  • Those who lack the go-getter mentality
  • Those who complain and blame everything on someone else
  • Those who have a negative attitude about everything and feel like the world owes them something
  • Those who are entitled and too lazy to do something to change their current circumstances
  • Those who want to wait until five years from now and regret not putting themselves on the path to success
  • Those who want to keep doing things like they’ve always done them
  • Those who do not want to innovate nor change
  • Those who are okay with the status quo
  • Those who are happy being complacent and not trying
  • Those who can’t be bothered to improve themselves, their business or their lives
  • Those who do not want to put in any more effort into their future
  • Those okay with just winging it and continuing to see how that goes
  • Those who are okay with no direction and wandering aimlessly

*We’re going to create a bestselling novel that will help you to make your dreams of being able to work from wherever come true

Total Value $1,645

Normally $197

ONLY $47 – Special Offer

Total Value $1,645+ $1,032 = $2,677

Normally $297

ONLY $67 – Special Offer

Special One-Time Offer $47

Expires in 30 minutes

No Code Necessary – Just click the ENROLL NOW Button Above



Special One-Time Offer $67

Expires in 30 minutes

No Code Necessary – Just click the ENROLL NOW Button Above



What happens after I purchase?

What happens after I purchase?

  1. You’ll promptly receive an email where you can access all video lessons + templates and get started right away!
  2. The downloads you receive will include Updated 2018 NaNo Planner, 95+ page Workbook [if you upgraded to Plus Workbooks], 4 Slide Decks from the webinar replays + your Scene Outline Template
  3. You will get instant access to all Bonus Materials
  4. You will be find an Orientation video + instructions on how to navigate the course as soon as you log in.
  5. You’ll also be automatically included in the private Forum Group if you upgraded to the NaNo Accountability Group
  6. If you signed up for the NaNo PLUS Workbooks Upgrade, you’ll see a separate course within your dashboard for all group coaching calls and materials.

When are the Plus Accountability Circle Coaching Calls*?

  • Tuesday 10/30 @ 3pm PST | Eve of the Eve PREP Call + Accountability Partner Setup
  • Monday 11/12 @ 3pm PST | Mid-NaNo Check In Call + Calibration
  • *You’ll see sign-up links in the course as soon as you sign up
  • The Accountability Circle Automatically REPEATS for Camp NaNo in April & July + again in November 2019, etc.

When do the Plus Accountability Emails go out?

  1. Monday 11/5 @ 5am PST | Motivation Monday Email #1: How To Track Your Word Count
  2. Monday 11/12 @ 5am PST | Motivation Monday Email #2:How To Write With A Full-Time Job
  3. Monday 11/19 @ 5am PST | Motivation Monday Email #3:How To Make Up For Missed Days
  4. Monday 11/26 @ 5am PST | Motivation Monday Email #4:How To Finish Strong

Still Have Questions?