Hello I’m Lisa & I post new videos every Monday & Thursday. Today’s the Booktube Newbie Tag


  • 00:6 1 | Why did you start this channel?
  • 0:31 2 | What are some fun & unique things you can bring to Booktube?
  • 0:53 3 | What are you most excited for about this channel?
  • 1:05 4 | Why do you love reading?
  • 1:21 5 | What book or series got you into reading?
  • 1:29 6 | What question would you ask your favorite BookTuber?
  • 1:53 7 | What challenges do you think starting a BookTube Channel will be your hardest to overcome?
  • 2:19 8 | When did you start reading?
  • 2:23 9 | Where do you read?
  • 2:49 10 | What kind of books do you like to read?


Hi everyone. I’m Lisa and this is the Booktube Newbie Tag.

Number one, why did you start this channel? I actually started this as an author channel to promote my books and I wanted to connect with other authors, but I noticed there really weren’t any authors on camera. And every time I had to answer something for a book review, I always wanted to do it with video, and it seemed like I was the only one until I met Kaitlyn from Big Screen Books, and I noticed that there was this whole world of Booktubers and that seemed way more fun.

Two, what are some fun and unique things you can bring to Booktube? And I think for sure fun is I have book giveaways, I have so many books, you guys don’t even know, and I’m dying to give them away. As for what’s unique, I do a lot of tutorials, possibly more for authors, but I think a lot of you guys are authors. And I just have tons of information that I can’t wait to share.

Three, what are you most excited about for this channel? And that’s just to meet other people. And I know that sounds so cheesy, everyone says that, but I just want to meet people who are excited about books, and are excited about reading, and love genre commercial fiction.

Four, why do you love reading? I’ve always loved reading. I can’t remember ever not loving reading, and it’s just a great escape, and it’s somewhere fun to go to, and it’s great meeting new characters and kind of molding and shaping them a little bit in your brain how you want them to be.

Five, what book of series got you into reading? For sure it was Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys series, I read those religiously.

Six, what question would you ask your favorite Booktuber? I’d probably ask something stupid like Christine from Poland Books, Kaitlyn from Big Screen Books, Courtney from [inaudible 01:38], and Kristen from Kristen Martin all seem to have perfect hair in all of their videos. I don’t know if that’s a real Booktuber question, but I want to know. Maybe it’s because their names all start with a C or a K? That’s the key in life to having perfect hair?

Seven, what challenges do you think starting a Booktube channel will be your hardest to overcome? And I think it’s pretty much the same for everyone, just finding the time to film, edit and upload videos, because I also have a day job where I’m a graphic designer, I do calligraphy, and I’m also trying to write my own books. And I have a membership program to for aspiring authors where I help them learn how to do graphic design, and self publish and promote themselves.

Eight, when did you start reading? This is so odd, when I was taught. I think they teach you in first grade.

Nine, Where do you read? I read definitely in bed. I roll over the minute I wake up and read a couple of chapters from wherever I left off the night before, and I also try reading in my favorite big black chair as well as on the couch. I like to be in a soft, comfy place, I don’t like reading at a hard surface like a wood chair. That’s just not as fun.

Number ten, what kind of books do you like to read? Basically anything but literary fiction. I like non fiction, I like self help books, I like biographies, I like historicals. I like commercial genre fiction, I like thrillers, romance, paranormal, Sci-fi, mysteries. I just cannot get into literary fiction. So anything but that.

Alright, let me know if you have a Booktube channel and put it in the links below, and I will subscribe to your channel. Alright, I hope everybody’s having a great day, and I’ll see you guys later. Bye.


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