Day 25 of PREPtober

Today we’re going to review what the Happily Ever After in your novel looks like and what your readers are expecting and want from you.


Hi everyone and welcome to day 25 where we are talking about happily ever afters. Now, we talked in the beginning and we agreed that we were not writing any tragedies or literary fiction in which there are sometimes sad, depressing or morbid endings, and this instead is a commercially viable genre fiction novel that we are outlining together. And those include either an happily ever after or a happily for now. So an HEA or HFN, and those both provide both a emotionally satisfying and emotionally fulfilling ending for your reader, and it rewards them for the journey that they’ve been on with you this whole time, and they want to see the payoff.

I always attribute this to the fitness industry, where you have a before and after picture. So in fitness, you have typically someone who’s overweight, like what’s that guy, Jerry in Subway, and then at the end, he loses a ton of weight, so you instantly get to see that the transformation was totally worth it. And it is the exact same thing in your story, and you want to show in the beginning the character living a life before they were transformed and now they are doing things very differently than the beginning.

One good example of this is in Pitch Perfect, and I’m referring to the first one, in which Becca gets to college and she is completely ignoring her dad. She is closed off from socializing. She doesn’t really want to be chit-chatty or friendly with people, and then at the end, she actually has a heart-to-heart with her dad and she instead compromises and also accommodates the love interest, I can’t remember his name right now, but she also goes from not liking his movies to doing her last final routine choreographed all around the song from the movie that he said was his favorite. So this is a complete and total transformation for Becca, and we get to see the before and after, and it should be the same thing with your story.

All right, we will talk tomorrow when we come back to day 26 about how to actually create that in your story. All right, bye.

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