Get the Survival Kit

Day 2 of PREPtober

We’re putting together our Survival Kit, which has absolutely zero to do with stocking up on junk food, desserts or any of that silliness. It’s all about having the tools and resources at home so you can reference important materials and print out your notes and highlight them, decorate your apartment walls with them and create a rockin’ PREPtober Reference Binder that you’ll use everyday during NaNoWriMo.


Hi everyone, I’m Lisa. Welcome to day two of PREPtober. If you are getting ready for NaNoWriMo, make sure you backtrack and watch video one, which is all about my favorite outlining books, because you do need some sort of direction on how to set up your plot, in order to be prepared for NaNoWriMo. Let’s just talk about the PREPtober Survival Kit, because October, if you think about, is one day longer than November. You have 31 days. You need to make through. Don’t let up the gas. If you can do a really good job of prepping in October, you are going to be set for November. That also includes keeping the pedal to the metal, and going at it every single day, so that you are as prepared as possible, once November hits.

Now another thing I have, and I have probably … I’m not gonna lie, I have probably 80 copies that I printed out of Kathy’s How to Plot Worksheets, because that’s the system that I use. I don’t have a physical copy of her book, but instead what I’ve done is I have it on my iPad. I don’t know if you can see that with the glare. Then I can refer to this when I need to. I go ahead, and I make notes in here, and bookmarks for things that I need as I go through. I do like writing a lot of my character sketches on the computer, because it is some data intensive I guess. There’s a lot of things to write down.

I also like printing out my Pinterest boards for my characters and my scenery. I have here a binder, which I then fill up. It is empty right now. I fill it up with all of those things, because if I go online to check my Pinterest board, then I am online. I try not to go on the internet at all when I am plotting, so that I don’t get too distracted. You’re also going to need one of these, so you can three hole punch all of your pages for you book.

I know some people like the smaller pages, so you don’t have to carry something big around, but to print those pages on the smaller pages, and then resize them, or cut them down is going to waste a lot of time. Just go ahead and get a standard 8 1/2 by 11 binder. Now, I also have tons of colored pens, and Sharpies, and highlighters, and everything else, so that I can markup all of my books, and my notes as well.

Let’s start getting into food. I’m assuming you’re going to be doing a lot of this stuff at home. Try to establish some good habits right now. Stock up on some fruit that is easy to eat like apples and bananas, or pears. Something where it doesn’t require a lot of prep. Try to stock up on some celery and carrots. I know that everyone is talking about, and they think it’s funny to say, “Just get a huge bag of chocolate,” but I promise, it’s going to give you that huge sugar rush, and then that huge sugar downfall. You are not going to have enough energy to write. It’s going to not really serve you in the long term.

The same thing goes with water. I love Pellegrino. I did a separate thing, I guess it was on my fitness channel, but on water, I would try to stay away from Coke. Now if you want something warm, I would strongly suggest tea. I think that it is also a much better choice than coffee, or lattes, because to drink those every single day is probably not too good for you. I’m not saying to never that. I would never, ever say that. But I think if you can start changing your habits to be healthier for this month, you’re going to find it to be so much easier when you get into NaNoWriMo in November.

If you’re not sure what teas you like, this is one of my favorite brands. Argo tea is another favorite brand, but DavidsTea, this was actually a gift given to me. But it has a sampler pack of 12 different teas, and that should get you through for October. Then you could pick out a flavor that you do like. Go ahead and gather some really great, healthy survival kit supplies, and I will see you back on day three. Bye.

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