Day 18 of PREPtober

Today we’re going to review what Plot Point #1 is and breakdown 50 Shades’s Plot Point #1


Hi everyone and welcome to day 18 where we are talking about plot point one. Now plot point one is really the end of Act One, so if you had taken K. M. Weiland’s three act plot structure workshop, then she did an excellent job of explaining everything that goes into Act One and it’s really a build up. I wont’ repeat that but at this point we should have a great protagonist that we are totally in love with, we’re completed invested in, we want to know what happens to them, we had a great exciting incident that was our hook to get us into the story, and now they’ve been building up to something.

This something is leading up to what I like to call for plot point one a good news/bad news situation, so if we have … If we use the example for romance of 50 Shades of Gray, the good news is that she has landed this amazing dream date with this billionaire. He flies her in a helicopter to his amazing palatial penthouse and now they are on her magical date, but … There’s a but. He has some very questionable sexual preferences and it requires a contract before they can even have any sort of physical contact.

This is what I like to call in romance the question that everyone asks, why is this guy still single? He seems so amazing and he’s so great, and this is plot point one, at which point you find out why this guy is still single and nobody else wants him. That is romance but this could apply to any genre; mystery, sci-fi. It’s always … Remember, there are two paired together, a good news/bad news situation, and the good news is the buildup that you’ve been building up to for Act One, but it comes with a catch.

I hope that was helpful. Today is much shorter than yesterday where we went over an entire plot and what you want to do now is simply write down a couple sentences about what plot point one is and I will see you guys tomorrow where we’ll talk about middles. Alright, bye.

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