Here’s an updated version of my home office. My 2016 version is here.

Minimalism meets Non-Minimalism

The new place is twice as big in terms of square footage but feels twice as small. I’m a minimalist and filled up about 25% of the floor space in my old apartment and my roommate is the opposite and we now use at least 75% of the floor space. So it just goes to show – it doesn’t matter how small or large your apartment square footage is, you can make anything seem large by leaving wide open space or you can make anything seem cramped and tiny by overloading it with stuff.

What’s still the same since the 2016 Office Tour

  • L-shaped frosted glass desk
  • White armless chair
  • ARC holder for the laptop – even though I bought it for the Air, it still hold the Pro laptop just fine

What did I get rid of since 2016

  • iMac: The 27″ is not as wonderful as my new Ultrawide 34″
  • Macbook Air: I spilled H2O on it – huge $1,3,00 mistake
  • iPad: I use this for reading & listen to my podcasts on the Macbook Pro while I’m working since it’s a newer machine and can handle more applications than the older 2012 iMac could

What have I added since 2016

  • Vlogging Equipment: DSLR, Lights, Mic, Mylar Screen, Blackmagic box*
  • MacBook Pro
  • Ultrawide 34″ Monitor
  • Amazon USB Hub (7 ports)

*Technically, I’ve always had the vlogging equipment but used to do a tear down and setup in between filming so it was typically hidden away in the closet.

How To Record More Videos

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been posting way more videos recently and I attribute this 100% to my new office setup. Having to do a complete tear down and setup could take up to 30 minutes each way which eats into my productivity and the other items on my To Do list for the day. But with the new always ready-to-go setup, it takes 5 minutes. All I need to do now is

  1. Turn on the mic
  2. Turn on the lights
  3. Reposition/focus the camera
  4. Start recording!

So much easier!!!


  • 0:27 #1 Giveaways
  • 0:34 Reminder: I’m hosting Vlogmas 2017: Dec 1 -24 which is a HUGE daily book giveaway
  • 0:55 #2 Netgalley
  • 1:29 #3 Conferences & Conventions
  • 2:07 How Reader Conventions Work
  • 2:30 How Book Conferences That Give Away Books Work
  • 2:38 #3A BEA Book Expo America
  • 2:45 Where BEA is Held: Javits Center
  • 3:08 Celebrity Book Signings
  • 3:29 #4 RWA – Romance Writers of America & RT Romantic Times Convention
  • 3:45 The Giant Book Fair has no free books
  • 4:00 How to get FREE books at RWA & RT
  • 4:51 #5 Thrillerfest
  • 5:48 #6 Penguin First To Read



Buying Guide


Hi everyone. I am Lisa, and I have an updated home office tour for you. Now, I have a new place because we wanted something bigger, and Ben really wanted to have his own office. It really as important to me. I like being in a big, open space, and I still am. I’m still in what’s considered the dining room, but I’m using that for my office.

I have changed things so that I am 100% set up for filming, and it makes things so much easier. I think if you’ve ever watched anyone’s YouTube channel and we’ve talked about their office set up, if you have to take things down and put them up, you’re not going to film as much. I found that it was very inconsistent, and in fact, I stopped. Now that I have everything set up, it’s really easy. With the click of a button, I have everything ready to go, I just have to turn on my mic.

I have the same exact desk as I had before, and the only thing that’s changed is I use a MacBook Pro, mainly, instead of my iMac, and I bought a new 34 inch wide screen monitor, which honestly, I could still have purchased a 42 inch monitor, and I would use up all of the space as it is.

Let me switch around. You can see that I am surrounded by mirrors. Let me just pop this out, I am filming with my phone so you can see everything. This is a big, huge mess of wires back here, which I kind of try to hide from the camera. Over here, you can see this is where I can kind of see myself when I am filming, so that I can see if I am in focus, or I’m not in focus, and everything else.

Over here, you’ll notice … let me step back, that this is just a bunch of wires and equipment. I have my Diva light ring, I have my light box, I have my DSLR, I have my ATR stand, I have my Sennheiser sound system, and over here I have another light box because it does get kind of dark over here. This is the reason I film over here in this corner, is because as soon as you turn the camera slightly to the left you are going to end up seeing my kitchen.

The kitchen is not … well, two things. One, it’s not always clean. We might have some dishes on the counter. More importantly, it ruins the color for the shot, and the light exposure, because you go from white to really dark. Over here I couldn’t move it this way because as you can see, that’s me, and I have another huge set of mirrors.

This actually worked out pretty nicely. We use this room as our gym, so I have the steps over there in the corner, I have the printer, I have the treadmill, and we have an Olympic bar as well as a … I don’t know what you call this, but it’s for chin-ups and dips, obviously. This actually works out really nice. We have a lot of big space. You could do Yoga, I can do classes in here, if I want to throw something up on the TV.

This is much more conducive, also, if Ben wants to sit and read, or relax, or watch a game, or something else. I actually need complete silence when I am working, so we have a separate room over here, and it’s kind of dark, where I pretty much just ask Ben to go when I’m trying to get work done.

It’s another room, it’s kind of like a living room, and this is also where you can go if you kind of want to be alone. What we have over here … basically what I’ve done is I purchased, if you can see this, I purchased a black Magic Box … let me try to lighten it up. I bought the Ultra Studio mini recorder. I have this hooked up through an HDMI cable to the DSLR over here. Then, I have the mini recorder hooked up to a port.

I have actually too many ports for obviously an iPad, and then I’ve a MacBook Pro, so I bought the Amazon Basics … it has seven ports in it … I don’t know if you can see this, it has seven ports for USB, and so the keyboard is hooked up there, I have the blue Yeti mic, which I use when I am filming audio onto the computer directly, if I’m doing a tutorial, and I obviously have the MacBook Pro, which has the HDMI in, and the Thunderbolt for the mini recorder, and the USB that connects to the Amazon Basics.

Sometimes when it’s really dark at night, I will add … this is a mylar screen. This mylar screen is here to reflect light back up onto my face. If it’s really dark at night … when I have a ton of light streaming in, I’m sure if you saw, I will just place this underneath me, and it will just bounce the light back on me. You can hear it, it’s pretty loud, so I am not able to touch the desk or anything. This was, I think, $1.25 or something on Ebay. If I were to do it again, I would have purchased a $40.00 one, which is the same thing, but it is not made of this cheaper material, so it doesn’t make as much noise.

I don’t use this all the time. I just use it sometimes. Can you see the difference? This is with it, this is without it, this is with it, this is without. It does help to just take away those lower shadows.

I hope that was useful. If you want all of the equipment that I use in this office, you can download the list of tools below. If you’re interested, I also teach a course on vlogging, and YouTube and video, and how to set everything up using your phone, an iPad, or a DSLR. If you would like to get more into video, please go ahead and sign up. Otherwise, I will see you guys next week. Bye.

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