Ohmigosh – If I have to see another book, typewriter or quill icon to represent authors, I might hurl. Seriously…are we not creative people with innovative and new thoughts on how to present something?

Even the bokeh lighting in the back can’t help this picture from getting a double eye-roll.

So the question you should be asking is…

why not macarons!

┬áIt’s a way better idea than a stock photo stack of books.

Why I LOVE Macarons

1 Low-Calorie

They’re only 97 calories each. It’s the perfect mini-dessert. Plus, the French eat them and we all know they’re thin. Someone even wrote a book on it!

compare this to…

  • Macarons 97
  • Brownies 132
  • Cupcakes 300
  • Cheesecake 401

2 They’re Beautiful

Leave it to the French to take a Crayola box and make it high class and gorgeous.

3 They’re Delicious

I’m actually glad they’re not that popular in San Diego or else I might eat them 24/7. Luckily, they’re actually hard to find. I usually get mine shipped from NY’s Baked By Melissa shop. Not cheap, hence, not ordered very often.

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4 They’re Diverse

From a BRANDING perspective, I can easily choose new colors and find a matching macaron.

From a VALUES perspective, I love that macarons come in different colors and varieties as people do.

5 They’re Secret Double-Agents

I love a dessert with a little mystery attached to it. What’s the difference between a macaron VS a macaroon. Here’s a guide to help you out.


Why We Used Them For Our Branding

Choosing a logo, an icon or other type of special identifying item is tough and while we were trying to figure it out, we were eating macarons and well…

1 Beautiful Stock Images

I’m not sure if anyone else chooses their logo icon this way but that’s what we did. Yes, could’ve been more purposeful and chosen something a bit more symbolic and lofty but I love eating macarons and there are plenty of images.

2 Matches Our Logo Color

It was serendipitous! When we saw there were tons of macarons that were hot pink, we took it as a sign.

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