Quick Stats

  • Education BA History from Saint Mary’s College of Notre Dame & MBA from University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Corporate America  Started in the GE Digital Technology Leadership Program & their Corporate Audit Staff; HR Program Manager at TD Securities and then North American HR Director at a Commercial Real Estate firm in NY and finally Head of HR for DayBlink Consulting
  • Graphic Designer Created the Planner Academy and create beautiful digital downloads using Adobe InDesign at Pretty Fabulous Designs
  • Born  in Seoul, Korea
  • Current Location  San Diego, CA
  • Dating Status Single, never married, no kids

Lisa London is a contemporary romance and erotica author. When she’s not writing or recording YouTube videos, she’s either getting her daily ice cream scoop at Salt & Straw or watching a Marvel or DC movie. She recently relocated from NY to San Diego for the amazing weather and daily views of the ocean. She loves connecting with readers and aspiring writers on her YouTube Channel where she responds to each and every comment, post and question so come on over and say hello!

Fun Facts I Conveniently Left Out of My Bio

  • I’ve always wanted to be a carpenter
  • I can’t eat bagels without sprinkles to go on top of the cream cheese
  • My favorite Christmas song is Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas
  • How I chose my pen name: I love overcast days and dream about moving to London just for the constant cloud coverage
  • My first job ever was a modeling gig standing on a street corner in Chicago handing out dentist cards
  • I was fired from my college copy shop job for dancing while working
  • I am a classically trained pianist
  • Only child

Let’s Be Friends

Every time you purchase a Lisa London book or enroll in a course, you are helping homeless animals in shelters to find a good home. It is my goal to continue to support animal-friendly organizations as Lisa London book sales grow.