I’m excited to announce a new Reverse Harem Contemporary Romance Series coming out this winter: Desire In The City

It’s a Spin-Off from the Snow & Her 7 Seals Series

  • Related Series  Snow & Her 7 Seals Series
  • Genre Contemporary Romance
  • Subgenre Reverse Harem
  • Word Count 55K
  • Heat Level 5 [out of 5]

Mark Your Calendar

  • Cover Reveal The same day Snow 2 releases
  • Book Release Date: One week after Snow 2

Why After Snow 2?

Because you really need to read the ending of Snow 2 to get a better sense of who Emma is and what she’s up to!

Who is Emma?

Emma is Snow’s BFF from Book 1 of the Snow & Her 7 Seals Series: The Temptation of Snow.

Haven’t read Book 1 of Snow? Do it now!

While you don’t have to read Snow Book 2 to enjoy Emma’s story, it’s going to make it soo-o much BETTER if you do.


That’s so far away

I know, I know…that’s like so far away from now!

But you can do other things, like join our Reverse Harem Reader Group on Facebook: It’s Raining Men where we have tons of other Reverse harem recommendations.

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I’ll be releasing spoilers to Instagram over the next month. Are you following me there?