Today we’ll review the 4 Essential Ingredients to writing a Holiday Themed Book, as well as the Top 3 Best-Selling Holidays you should focus on.


  • 0:30 It can be a new standalone or a novella in your current series
  • 0:40 Holidays: Christmas, Valentines or Halloween
  • 1:02 1 | Choose a Holiday & Learn everything about it
  • 1:07 2 | What emotions are associated with that Holiday
  • 1:43 3 | How do your characters feel about the holidays
  • 2:12 4 | Make a list of holiday props to incorporate into your story
  • 2:57 When is the best time to write & submit these
  • 3:22 Why is now the best time to write or outline your holiday themed book
  • 3:42 When is there a huge spike in Christmas book sales – JUNE


If you’ve ever thought about writing a holiday themed book, today we’re going to talk about the four essential ingredients you need for your holiday book, and when you should write it, and when you should submit it.

Hi everyone. Merry Christmas. I think you can see our little Christmas tree. We ordered lights, but I pre-recorded this, so they haven’t arrive yet. But it will be much prettier when they do. Now, for today I wanted to share with you the four ingredients for writing a holiday themed book. This could be a brand new stand-alone book, or it could be one in your series that you simply have tailored for that special time of year. When I say that special time of year, it could be for Christmas, it could be for Valentine’s day, or possibly for Halloween.

Now, I researched this through K-lytics. The other holidays just aren’t as popular, Mother’s day maybe, Father’s day. Those are great themes to have as well. I’m not saying not to do those, but the big ones are the three that I mentioned. Now, you just need four essential ingredients to do this.

1 | First, you need to pick a holiday, and then learn everything you can about that particular day.

2 | The second thing is, you need to think about all of the emotions that go with that holiday. What kind of emotion are people looking for, are readers looking for when they go to get a holiday themed book? If it’s romance, then it’s probably going to be a Valentine’s day book. If it is something heart warming, and that just makes your soul feel good, like those Chicken Soup for the Soul books, then it’s probably going to be a Christmas theme. Versus if they want to be scared, and it’s a little spooky, then it’s going to be a Halloween theme.

3 | The third part that you need, is you need to think about your character, both your main character and your secondary characters, and how they feel about the holidays. Are they a scrunch type of character, where they’re bah humbug about it? Or are they like the star in Elf, and they are so excited, they love Christmas and think about it all year around? Those are things that you think about for how your character both approaches that holiday, their reactions to it, and also if you think you’re going to transform them and change them by the end of the book.

4 | The fourth element that you need are props. Think of it like a screenplay. If it’s Christmas, are you going to have mistletoe? Are you going to have a tree? Should your tree have lights? Are you going to have gifts? Are you going to have stockings, peppermint candy canes? What other types of characters can you include? Is Santa Claus going to be there, elves, reindeers?

What else goes into making that holiday theme very much part of that holiday, and can be absolutely no other part? That story could not have occurred in June, in the summer. It has to be Christmas in December, in Minnesota, or somewhere cold and blustery like that. Those are the four ingredients you need for your holiday themed book.

The best time to submit and write these are now. It’s Christmas today, it’s obviously too late to submit your Christmas novel. However, I would argue that you have tons of things all around you where you don’t have to think as hard, right? Even though this book would be for next year’s Christmas, it’s a great time to start writing that Christmas themed book, or outlining it. Because you have so many things around you already reminding you, so you don’t even have to work as hard, and you’re already in a festive mood. You can put on your favorite Christmas tunes while you’re drafting or outlining.

Now, books for Christmas typically are submitted right around June or July. I know that’s very early. If you’re self-publishing, you should be happy to know that there is a huge spike in Christmas book sales in June. I know, it’s crazy, right? You shouldn’t be too worried about publishing maybe between January and May. People have a little bit of Christmas fatigue. But otherwise, people love buying Christmas books starting in June, and going all the way right up until Christmas. All right. I hope this was helpful. If you want to download these four tips, I have a quick cheat sheet for you. The link is down in the description below.

All right. I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday and a great Christmas, or whatever day or holiday that you celebrate. Bye.

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