Have you ever spoken with another writers who was stuck on something and as an outsider looking in, it was so easy for you to pinpoint exactly where they were going wrong?

  • Maybe they couldn’t finish their novel
  • Maybe they couldn’t figure out their branding
  • Maybe they couldn’t carve out writing time into their busy schedule
  • Maybe they were stuck in analysis paralysis
  • Maybe they were writing, then deleting everything they wrote
  • Maybe they were unsure where to even start
  • Maybe they just needed some advice on the difference between a writing conference and a writing retreat

That’s where you come in!

Are you ultra-organized and efficient, great at planning and scheduling?

Have you been told you’re a good listener?

Are you empathetic to the struggles of other writers and have solutions you can suggest to get them unstuck? 

Then why not make some extra cash – or maybe even a full-time income while doing so – as a Writing Coach!
You get to to help other people who can benefit from your knowledge and expertise while making extra income to supplement your book sales and they get to move forward in their writing careers.

It’s a win-win for everyone!

Who Should Watch

Anyone interested in supplementing their book revenue with a side hustle as a Writing Coach

Webinar Agenda

  • Coaching Industry Overview
  • Writing Coach vs an Editor
  • Top 10 Benefits of an Author Side-Hustle
  • Top 5 Ways To Make Money As a Writing Coach*
  • Q&A

*Kamila Gornia of Heart Behind Hustle

Kamila is an expert in launching 6-figure coaching businesses. She’ll be giving her proven advice on how to launch your Coaching Business, no matter where you are right now and what your experience level is. If you have a desire to help others, then she can give you the blueprints on how to create your online business the right way from the start! 

While the webinar recording will be available after, you won’t want to miss this special LIVE session where she’ll be answering any and all of your burning questions, no matter what the subject on this webinar. 


Hi Everyone, I’m Lisa and today we’re going to talk all about how to become a Writing Coach. So really excited for this topic. I’ve been asked by a lot of people how to make some extra money while you’re writing your book because as you know, reading the book takes a while and so in the meantime though, you can make instant cash becoming a writing coach and I think this is a much easier path to being more lucrative, more profitable, and having some money while you’re waiting for your book to be written, edited, produced everything else. And , you can just watch her hours that you can share a lot of your knowledge. There’s so many great things coach. So today, here’s what we have planned for you. , we are going to j p right in and the agenda is we’re just going to talk about coaching in general because I know a lot of you are maybe new to this topic or haven’t heard about this a lot.

And then the second thing we’re going to do is we’re going to talk about just the difference between a writing coach versus an editor. Because I know a lot of people are getting confused by those and I know that some coaches do offer editing, which makes it even more confusing. , and then we’re going to talk about just the top 10, just a quick and easy list of the reasons I think you might want to become a writing coach and the benefits and then we’re over to Kamila and she’s going to talk about how you can really monetize this idea and how to really get started with coaching as a business. Perfect. Alright. So before we j p in, if you’ve never met Kamila, I’ll let her introduce herself and tell you. Awesome. So I. hi everybody. I’m Kamila Gornia. I am the founder of heart behind hustle and I’m a business coach and marketing strategist, mostly four and five driven entrepreneurs who are looking to scale, grow and make a big impact in the world with their business.

So a big thing I focus on is marketing and the right business structure is that create the leverage in your life and , yeah, allow you to make money and enjoy the work that you’re doing. So me. Yeah. And so in my email I did say coaching is a $2,000,000,000 industry. It’s huge. There are so many different types of coaches, life coaches, there’s love coaches, right? There’s a ton of career coaches, there are different coaches for businesses that you own it even further and niching down into that funnel coach. You know, the possibilities are endless. And of course there were writing coaches and so just to differentiate to, you know, first when we say coach, we don’t just mean one on one, it could be group coaching, it can be virtual coaching, it could be in person coaching. There’s so many different ways that you could do coaching.

And it’s great because it, it may work differently for you and your preferences. You may only like working with people face to face or you may be someone who lives in the middle of Alaska. And so really virtual coaching is the only solution for you. So all of these things are going to be, , you know, with something that’s to work for you and as the quickest infusion of cash you’re starting out for sure. So let’s just talk about what’s the difference between a book coach versus a writing coach and so the are coach, I guess a book editor versus a writing coach. That’s what I meant. So there are, I think all of you have worked with editors and there are many different types of editors. You have line editors, you have developmental editor to have copy editors, right? So all of these people are working on your book versus when you have a writing coach, the coach is more working on you.

So that’s you as an author. That’s you as an awkward girl boss maybe with your business that’s you working on different ways to market your books. So it’s more involved. That could be the same thing inside of here. You could have different writing coaches that just focus on productivity rates. So maybe you’re just not getting the words out as quickly as you want or you’re not able to move past certain story. I just. So they’re going to actually help you with finding a. It could be a coach that’s going to help you with your author platform and your social media. So, you know, when we talk about writing coaches, I wouldn’t worry too much about being, you know, seasoned editor or agent or something like that. It’s really endorsed strengths and what you’re good at. Uh, you know, I’m excellent at organization and productivity and so when I coach people, I did that and I also do their author platform because I do graphic design and so we talked a lot about framing and for me, I’m able to help people and at the same time they’re able to get assistance and it’s something that maybe is not their expertise, but I’m also an author so I understand exactly what they’re going through, what their other priorities are and other things that they’re going through.

So we can talk through a ton of different things because I know when you do coaching rape, someone might sign up for one thing but you want to talk about. Usually that’s what happens. People are like, this is what I need help with. And then once they actually are in all these other things, come unlock also sugar look this and this and this. And didn’t even realize that. So being able to bring that to life for them too is very valuable and the fact that you can help them even more so valuable. Yeah. And sometimes you don’t even know what, you know, if that makes sense. Like sometimes people ask you questions, you’re like, actually I am an expert in that because of all the things like that, even though it’s not maybe the main thing that came before. That’s the cool thing about being a coach too, because you just have to identify like why do people hire somebody like you and then that’s the thing you’re focusing on.

But then once you’re in, you’re like third person, right? That you get to support them with different things and obviously you have to put boundaries on things so you’re not, you know, doing the editing or whatever if you’re not wanting to do that. But uh, you know, that’s kind of the cool thing about hiring a coach or being a coach is you get to be with this person and support them in their journey, which is really cool. And you know, the same side of the other side of the coin too, if you love doing, but maybe you can’t do it all the time. It can kind of supplement the editing along with helping people because you can only edit a book that’s finished and you may have people that aren’t ready in. It could be a long stretch of time before they help and living with the book, you can be happy with writing their schedule, you know, their publishing schedule for the year.

What makes it a lot of sense that’s turning what’s not. , and then they’re going to to you more as packages together. And so if you’re not familiar with packages, the packages are. Yeah. So I definitely recommend for people to have very specific packages when it comes to working with clients. You’re not going to be just selling like a standalone session. Like, Hey, we’re just going to have this one session and help you do whatever. It’s more like you’re looking to partner with your clients so that they’re with you for an extended period of time. Whatever that time may be. It can be as short as two months, it can be as long as a year. So you basically want people that are committed and they’re actually gonna be, they’re gonna see you as a partner in their growth and getting your book published or whatever versus like, oh, I just need help with this one thing and you’re kind of, it’s a little bit more like a pick your brain session.

It might be very intention to do something like that because it’s easier and it’s cheaper a lot of times, but it’s not going to be as big of an impact for you or for them because we all know that having that bigger, it’s a lot more valuable. So yeah, and you know, just to go through the next part of the gender, which is just the top 10 list. I keep up, I mean there’s probably like a hundred different benefits, not just for you but for your clients on their writing posts, but I’m just going to go through a few that came off the top of my head is when you’re going to be able. We always talked about what’s, what are you passionate about, and I suspect especially romance writers, we women, we like collaborating and helping each other, right? So you all answer that famous Hashtag collaboration over competition, right?

And so what it allows you to share your passion for helping others and at the same time be able to monetize that. And the second thing is you’re able to also help them realize their dream because a lot of times people may have, and I hear this all the time, their, their spouse, their significant other, their family, they just kind of rolled their eyes, especially once you tell people you are clapping and , nobody really takes you seriously. And so it’s nice to have somebody there and your porter does take it seriously, knows that you’re professional and that you want to be someone who is making of money doing this. We’re just wants to write your first blog. So that’s a big thing. The third one is, you know, it’s nice to have some encouragement without someone passing judgment. So just like we said, that spouse that they’re encouraging, they’re like, well, we can try this.

I hear this a lot of times, spouses who are like, but you know, if this book doesn’t work out, she probably like, that’s not very helpful. Right? And so you really need someone in your corner and you can be that for somebody else. Imagine if someone has a great novel and they just, it because they had so many, just naysayers around them giving them real life advice. People love doing that. Yeah. I just want to be realistic. Yeah. People do that a lot because they, I mean they just don’t know. It think they’re keeping you safe, which is what, you know, that’s, that’s all know. And a lot of times people subconsciously not wanting you to succeed because it’s going to, they’re going to have to face the fact that they haven’t really done what we’ve always wanted to do with their life. So yeah, people, people do that and if we’re going to, you’re going to help people perform at their highest level.

Right? So I know for sure that I write better at night than they do in the mornings. Like I like my mornings to work out off the year, whatever. But if I hadn’t mapped that out and did a lot of trial and error, I figured that out. But if you have a writing coach on looks from the outside in, they can tell really quickly what is and isn’t going to work and they can make faster observations are telling you what the majority of people are doing or even give perspectives on your other clients on what’s working for somebody else. And the fifth one is you can help people think about the different possibilities to. So if you’re coaching a lot of different people and you’ve been writing for quite a while ago, probably like me or anybody in any industry, you think about conferences, you’ve been reading a lot of books.

You’ve been going to a lot of these kinds of webinars and you have so much more information that you can share with them that maybe you hear them talking about mysteries or suspense to their romance novel. Maybe they really want to be a mystery writer, but not really a romance writer. And just having someone with another ear that can hear. That can offer a lot of perspective than if they just kind of wallowed by themselves. , this one is really just helping them with in a professional manner. So what I mean by that is sometimes your friends, it’s kind of, I sometimes say it’s the blind leading the blind, right? So maybe if none of us have ever published, , we want to help each other and we’re encouraging, but we really just don’t know what we’re talking about. Maybe you need someone who is a professional that can guide you and tell you, you know what, you should be working on your author platform.

Don’t just ignore it and wait to. You’re focused on, right. I’m the seventh one is getting clarity, right? So just having, sometimes you get lost in your own thoughts and just having another person to bounce ideas off of. And I always say the thing that I love about coaching is that you can be selfish, right? So I don’t have to. And not that you’re not interested, you don’t have to also do that exchange for like. And how is your day going? How was your group? Or. Because the hours just dedicated to you. , and so if you’re able to do that, you’re going to get results much faster. And also people aren’t putting their own sort of feelings and where they’re at in posing. Sometimes your friends do some. Yeah, yeah. I’m n ber eight is guide others to what we’re missing, what’s going on for personal life.

So like if you’re helping someone, I help people a lot with productivity and if I know that they say we set a goal, they’re going to write 10,000 words, right? And we come to the mic written, let’s just pretend 100 words. Right? So they fallen short and they have all these excuses, right? So hearing it from the outside, it’s not just excuses. I can usually hear that it’s because they have an unsupportive staffs that was, that is sabotaging. And maybe you’re not able to see that or hear that. So it helps you to get more clarity to what’s going on in your personal life that is affecting your professional life. And the last year were religious fun was can network and you buy leads so many more people and you’re going to make some extra cash. We all like that. So that is my list and you guys can ask questions and over.

Awesome. So let’s talk a little bit more about the actual process for becoming the coach. So there’s a couple of things that typically want to put into place, start focusing on and just getting clarity on in order for you to effectively get out there and actually get clients as a writing coach or a book coach whenever you want to consider yourself to be. So I’m going to go through five tips on how to do that. So if you guys have a notebook or you guys have the workbook available, definitely take some notes through that. Seemed to be going pretty fast through those. So the very first thing that you want to do is to determine your why. And this sounds kind of like a fluffy tip, but it’s so important because you want to be clear about why you’re becoming a coach in the first place.

What is the main reason for you wanting to do this work in first place? Right? Are you doing it because you really are so great at productivity and you also want to help people with the productivity piece? Is it because you simply just want to generate more money and you don’t really care how that money comes through? You just feel like this could be a good match, so that’s the main reason for that. Maybe it’s because you just have always loved helping people and you know, whatever. So the biggest thing is you want to determine what your why is because it’s also going to support you in I’m like, how much time are you actually going to be developing into growing your coaching business? How much time are you going to be putting into marketing your coaching business? Are you going to be creating more credit packages or group programs or whatever?

Because if you’re, for example, if you’re just doing it for the money than maybe just having a few private clients is going to be enough because you don’t really need to talk too much about your coaching. If it’s something that you can do on the in that behind the scenes way and that’s going to be very effective in generating income versus if you really want to bring in some income but also love this and we love helping as many people as possible just really fuels your soul and you feel so, so much satisfaction and happiness from helping other writers and then potentially like in the future, creating courses or group programs or whatever that might be is going to be, you know, it’s going to be more aligned with what you want to do. So this really informs how you’re going to structure your model, which is actually my second tip.

So the second tip is really understanding what are the different coaching models, how can you structure your packages? So we kind of talked a little bit about the packaging. They just a tiny bit in the very beginning to where, where I talked basically about like getting people in for a longer period of time versus sending selling packages or sessions. So I want to just share a little bit about how to Structure Your coaching business because a lot of times people think that, okay, well I’m going to be a coach, but like what do I say, what do I sell? Like what exactly how exactly when you become a coach and actually they paid for it. So the first thing you want to identify as well, really understanding what are the potential leads for me to structure my packages and as a writing coach it’s really cool because you can basically be a combination of a coach as a consultant, which is really cool because, , as a consultant you actually don’t just ask questions and have people go deeper.

You actually get to help them with specific things you did. You get to a cocreate with them. You get to do some of the stuff for them if you want to. So if we want to do editing for examples, a part of your package, you totally can do that. If you want to be brainstorming together, maybe you want to have to brainstorm sessions. You can do that. Now, the most common package that people typically sell, and I’m talking private coaching right now, the most common package is I would say three months of, , and then you can do how often you’re actually going to be getting on the phone. Most people do either two calls a month, so biweekly calls the private coaching calls or it can do a weekly coaching call. So you have to determine what’s going to be the best served for you and for your ideal client.

, this is, I don’t really have the right answer for this. Uh, I think that it really depends on how, how much you would like to be a part of the process and uh, what’s going to serve your client too. So if your client really needs to have that accountability every single week where they’re telling you and they’re, they’re getting coached by you every single week on like, here’s the next step. And maybe they do have only that three month period to get their book written and getting all the other pieces out. Then, you know, meeting meeting every single week. It’s going to be helpful for them. But if it’s somebody that maybe has, you know, pretty heavy, I seek some additional structural things, a making meeting biweekly is going to get out and then giving them some assets you through email or like that that are matching set, which is the other piece that typically would include it in a coaching package, so we don’t usually just include, hey you just get for a private coaching calls a month or two private coaching calls a month and that’s it.

We usually still want to make sure our clients get to feel supported in between because questions are going to come up, they’re going to want feedback from you. They might have something for you to review in between and you have to determine if that’s something you want to do. So typically adding in unlimited access is a good thing. I’m most people in the past used to just use email access like people could just email you with questions and that is typically pretty easy for me to handle. But if you prefer to do other options, you can also include like facebook messenger access. You can include voxer access, which is the other voice messaging app. You can give them your phone n ber, so if they ever need to texts you, you can kind of determine what your boundaries are and this is really dependent on the person and I do find that for most people in the very beginning, uh, actually giving a little bit more and makes them feel better because then they’re able to see what their boundaries should be in the future.

So I don’t typically recommend giving out your phone n ber to clients because you don’t want to abuse it and then like call you at random times. But I do really like giving them access to my messenger or a boxer or something like that where people can still get some of that laser coaching support and they can feel. It’s just like about that feeling of support. So what is going to make your client feel like this is a great experience and still hobbyists that. It’s funny. I’m so glad I invested in myself and I really feel like I’m growing as a writer and getting closer to publishing my book. So whatever that might look like, you have to just ask yourself what that might look like. So I’m 90 day packages were 30, 30 a or a three month packages on pretty standard. I would come up with something like that.

And again, looking at what are the other bonuses you can it you can give what’s in that package that is going to be aligned with your skills, gifts, talents and all that stuff. So if you are a great editor, that can be a bonus that you have or you know, the first three months maybe or focus on on writing and, and conceptually whatever. And then maybe a part of that like the last month or something like that is actually where you go and edit that book or you edit that with them or something like that. , so you can, you can make it however we want, right? This is your process. This is your experience with the client. So, , although this is the most standard and like basic structure, you get to add additional things on top of it to make it, which is really exciting.

Now for people that are, have been doing coaching for a little while, they really enjoy a longer term packages like six months or 12 months or something like that. So, , if that’s something that you think would benefit your client, this is something that you can also offer them in terms of pricing. Anything that’s going to be longer term is usually going to be a little bit cheaper as if you know, if were to compare buying three month packages for times like that’s gonna be more expensive versus buying just a 12 month package. So there’s a little bit of that benefit to committee for the 12 months to set up in terms of prices in general for the three month, it’s, it’s kind of difficult for me to say how much you should charge because it depends on what exactly you’re providing them, what your background is, what you have done, what your specialties are.

I recommend charging a price point that makes you feel a little bit outside of your comfort zone, but not so much so that you’re not able to sell it. So for someone that has never done private coaching at all, , you know, you could you get to the side like is it going to be $2,000 for the three months perhaps, maybe it’s going to be 3000, it’s going to be something else, maybe it’s going to be less, uh, so you just have to decide what that is, but you do have to also keep in mind that lower price point you have, the less people are actually going to fully commit to the process and you might start getting kind of resentful as well. So we don’t want that. So charging $100 per month for private coaching is not something I recommend even for brand new people because you’re going to start like you’re going to be overworking yourself.

Even if you have four calls per month with a client and they’re all 16 minutes long plus you have additional email support that’s already four hours in a month less, let’s say additional five hours on top of that. That’s the nine hours for a $100. That’s like barely any money. Like you’re maybe making minim wage. Not very exciting for someone that actually wants to bring in substantial income from coaching. So my recommendation is always like, okay, if you’re going to go the on the lowest end, I would have the lowest which charges 2:50 for someone that’s just starting out just to get your feet wet. And I usually wouldn’t even give all of the additional bonuses and things like that. And then as you work with a few clients, you can up your rates as you feel more comfortable and that he’s on the, solidified your process a little bit.

And again, this is going to be individual to each person. So you get to decide what that looks like. Exactly. So that’s the second piece is really understanding the coaching model, how that looks like, , you know, and again, as I mentioned earlier, and you know, sometimes you’re going to be meeting in person if that’s what you want to do. Maybe you live in an urban place like in the city, that’s going to be easier. Maybe it’s going to be all virtual, which I do everything online. I just meet with people on the phone. , and people really enjoy it, so every single thing I do is online with my clients, so it’s pretty straightforward. You can do it from anywhere and it just makes life very easy. So that’s the coaching model. The third piece is something that I’ve already talked about a little bit which is really understanding what is your ankle.

So what is your special sauce? What is the special thing that makes you different from other coaches? And this might be a little bit difficult for you to grasp in the beginning, especially if having, haven’t done a lot of coaching in the past or you’ve never worked with coaching clients in class, but there’s still something special about you that you get to use to bring in additional clients. So if you’re looking at all the other writing coaches are coaches out there just start to notice like what is their special thing? What is their special angle on getting people in? Is that they do include editing? Or is it that maybe they have a lot of background in romance writing and they held romance authors? Maybe it’s that they have. They’re a best selling author of the New York Times, I don’t know. , so you just want to start finding what is the thing that’s going to need you stands out and don’t worry.

You don’t have to have, you know, you don’t have to be a bestselling author necessarily. You don’t have to be in New York Times best seller a, you don’t have to have published thousands of books if you find the thing that’s going to make you relevant and it’s going to be special to you, that’s fine, right? Maybe you’re just like super good at the productivity piece and the actual writing piece, you know, maybe you recently started writing books and , you know, that’s going well for you. You’re kind of in the beginning stages of that, but you’ve been writing for your entire life, you know, maybe you’re coming from academia or something else I need just like writing is just your thing, just like used to grid people on their papers for. Right? Like, you’re good at that, right? So that could be your special thing. And people that we work with are typically going to be the people that struggled with the writing piece of us.

Obviously you can still help them with productivity and like the publishing and all these other things because you do have experience with that even if it’s just a little bit of experience, but you do get to be very upfront and honest about like, here’s what I actually specialize in. So start to really source all the potential things that do make you different, , backgrounds your personality, your personality is another thing too. If you are very bubbly and very cheerleading type of like, Yay, I totally support you. Like that’s something that’s different about youtube from all the other people because some people work best with people with coaches that are very like, cheerleader type of energy. Whether it’s going to keep encouraging them and like got this. But then other people work best with somebody. It’s going to be more tough love or just more like I’m gonna, you know, hold you to it very much more like military kind of some of the wood.

So that’s a different style for different people. So you get to still amplify that, you get to still tell them about that and the right people will come to you. So that’s the third piece. The fourth tip is to understand and determine who is your ideal client. So this is exactly what we’re moving into. Obviously the next step, which is who is the ideal person that you actually would like to work with. So as you determine what your special skills are and your special talents and gifts and all that stuff, like what is that thing that needs to difference? Obviously you want to make sure that you’re targeting people that want that, right? So where are they underwriting dreading? What challenges do they specifically have? Who are they? Are they women? Are they men? What kind of books are they writing? Why are they reading?

What do they want as their vision? , do they have kids, right? Are they moms? And maybe you want to target moms that want to become authors or maybe it’s entrepreneurs that are looking to publish a nonfiction book or maybe it’s entrepreneurs that have been publishing now eviction now they want us start doing novels and writing fiction. That’s a different arg ent as well. So starting to really see what is that special ideal that you can identify and a good way to find out who that person might be as well is to start thinking about all the friends were all the colleagues that you have talked to you and have relationships with and starting to find the common threads around what do they have in common. Right? So who do you like helping so far? And you probably have friends that have come to you with questions and in the online space you have some online friends and you guys mastermind or chat about you know, writing or whatever.

Once you find that you really gravitate towards talking about and who do you really enjoy helping with the most? Who Do you feel like if you were to help this person, you feel very confident and on fire and just like powerful and like you’re totally on top of your game. That’s probably gonna be your ideal client. You know, you’re going to be able to serve them, you’re not going to feel self conscious about getting them to enroll into your programs and you get to actually ask them for that, you know, to sign up with you. So that’s another way to start thinking about who your ideal client. Maybe you don’t necessarily have to get extremely specific with it. I think that a lot of people take that ideal client avatar exercises way too far in a way that’s not relevant. So you just want to identify the most important things that are going to be relevant to you.

And for you it’s going to be like, you know, what’s the relationships with books writing, , what are they struggling with? What do they want to accomplish? , you know, gender, the typical cycle graphics, maybe some demographics that are going to be relevant to you. , and kind of take it from there. And then the last tip is to start actually getting your first three clients, and I say, Hey, your first three clients, now your first one client, because of the amount of energy and the commitment that you have. When I say get your first client isn’t going to be quite as intense. Then if you knew you were committed to getting three, so you’re going to be doing extra work, we’re going to do, you’re just going to commit to it a lot more if your goal is three versus just one, right? And it’s going to be way quicker for you to get that first client as well.

So the biggest piece, so actually I’m getting clients and getting a first client is honestly the biggest hurdle is going to be mental. How do you actually get over that fear of showing up for asking for the sale of I’m actually telling people that this is something that you do. This is the biggest piece that most people struggle with and this is why it keeps them stuck without any clients. So as soon as you can just start telling people, the sooner you can start getting clients in. So if you haven’t told people that, hey, I can actually help you with this, I’m going to be hard for people to even know that this is something you helped with. The more you tell people, even if they’re not ideal clients, the more they might have somebody that they can refer you to and make some of these connections.

So typically your first three clients are actually going to come from people that are already in your network or are like the second degree network. So this means you have to tap into the current network that you have and you have to be unapologetic about it. And there’s a beautiful thing here that is an advantage to you and that is that a year, a new coach. So you do get to have maybe a few sessions with people for free and then enroll them into your three month package. We can continue supporting them. So the first thing I would recommend that you do is actually offer people free sessions for 30 minutes. And it’s not just a sales call, it’s not just a discovery call, this is an actual session where you get to brainstorm with them and really get you more comfortable with the process of helping somebody else in a professional manner.

And then once that session is nearing the end, you can say, Hey, is this helpful? Would you like me to support you if you continue supporting finishing his glove or whatever that thing is. So this is going to be a really lower barrier to entry for your current network that are looking to like start writing or whatever that might be. Right? So make a list of all the people that you potentially reach out to and tell them, hey, you know, so and so, here’s what I’m doing. I’m actually offering free, you know, writing sessions with people and I love to see if you know someone that would be a good fit for this. My goal is to get 10 free sessions books and really serve as many writers, respiring writers as I can’t. I really feel passionate about this. Do you know somebody that you can met from that connects me with that would be a good fit and your friends are going to want to help you, right?

Not everybody’s going to necessarily sign up for your private package afterwards, but it’s at least going to give you that confidence to start talking about the work that you do and start getting it out there in a bigger way. So even if you live in a small town, you can do the same thing online. You can know this lovely thing we have, which is a phone. You can text people, you call people. You can let them know about what you have going on and actually tell them to sign up with you. Actually lead them towards making a decision that’s going to serve them in the future and it’s going to get their treatments, the world which is having a book published. So you’re going to be that integral part of making that happen. Just so exciting. Right? So, but the sooner you can actually get the confidence and actually tell your network, the sooner you can get your first clients and that’s the first thing I recommend you do.

And that’s my last tip. So sweet. , so I know that there are not that many people in line, but if you guys have questions, this is a great opportunity to ask me who looks out at like $10,000 an hour. Any questions you want, because normally really, seriously, I’m not even exaggerating. Does that expensive? So if you are coaching questions or, , like business questions, she’s answering them. It must be just overall Jew and you’re still writing notes. I did Kinda share a lot. I, I kind of just like gun myself when I teach. I’m like, but I think the best. I think the biggest takeaway, especially if you’re not writing code right now, you might be interested in, is offering those free sessions. Uh, you know, you’re going to one figure out if you even like it, you may not. And that is okay.

But two, you’re going to gain a lot of insight into what people want. Maybe they people want productivity training, but they don’t, they just need help maybe coming up with the story I guess, so they’re not productive because they don’t know what to write about. , you might also find out that there’s an opportunity for you to offer coaching in something totally unrelated to what you think your expertise, but all of her questions sort of gravitate towards you answering about something specific maybe about how to organize your personal home life or you’re really good because you’re a mom with four kids helping other moms. Right? And that’s going to be your niche and you won’t find that out to you. Talk to people. Yeah, exactly. , and you know, honestly not everybody is going to sign up for coaching, but you should never think of it as at least it’s session because I network and I learned so much about myself, other people and honestly just helping people.

Even if they never signed up, they kind of still just, like she said, have a soft spot in their heart for you. And then the rotary refer you later when you meet somebody else. It could be a year, it could be two years. I think you were saying you got to be like a year later. Yeah. This happens all the time. Yeah. There’s people that like email me that like first a session with me in 2014 and they’re like, oh my God, I’m finally ready to buy your thing. And like, whoa. It’s amazing. Yeah. And just like you, you may not have a big budget right now and that’s why you’re wondering if you could do a side hustle as a writing coach, just like other people. They keep you in back of your mind, their mind and they’re absorbing and cons ing all of your free content and eventually they want more.

They’re, once they have money and successful because of all your grades, they’re going one way. So, , if you guys don’t have any questions we do. If you really are serious question, I almost forgot about this little thing. , okay. So I’m gonna to read the question. Can you recommend any books to help develop coaching skills if you’re just starting out? Yes. A really good book that I read at the beginning of my journey is called coactive coaching. , I don’t remember who it’s by, but if you just go to town saw coactive coaching, uh, it’s a really good process for like how to ask questions and coaching is really about asking the right questions. So being able to start understanding like how do you actually communicate with a client and kind of go from there like that that’s really effective. But also, , if you want to take more of a consultant group where you’re not necessarily like hardcore coaching with other questions and making people really be introspective or you’re instead, you’re more like, okay, great, this is the class that I know of is going to help you.

It’s a little bit more consultants. See that’s you can still consider yourself a coach. Coaching is just like such a common word now. You don’t necessarily have to be like the introspective type of thing. Still help them with things that you already know. So, , hopefully that’s helpful. I forgot this is really useful that way people have. Just to add to that question, the other thing we should talk about too is I don’t think it’s a bad idea, but I also strongly do not think you need to be certified. Yeah, we don’t have to be certified. So essentially if you’re doing something like writing coaching or productivity coaching or anything like that, if you’re doing coaching or spiritual coaching or health coaching, do you get certified because that they’re going to teach you really important skills around like actually supporting people and go into in depth and like introspective and stuff and like you do need skills for that.

But for anything that’s a little bit more tactical, you really just need to know what we’re doing that you just need to like have the skills to do it. This is why I am a certified life coach, , before I had my coaching business, but honestly like I help people with business and marketing and something I’ve been doing for years and years before before this where I started my coaching business and I’m honestly is just something that I will do with clients. I get some basically consultants but and I do use some of the questions and stuff like that as a coach, but there’s a ton of people that actually just get super tactical with it. They just give you the things that they need because the people that would hire you, they just don’t know. It’s not necessarily that I’m, you know, and you don’t have to be the mindset writing coach where you’re like, well, what’s blocking you?

Like, you know, you’d have to get into the depths of that on. You can literally be like, okay, what are we going to do here is actually kind of accountability. Like you don’t really need anybody to teach her how to do that. Read a few books and that should be enough on just doing the accountability piece over there. So good question. And never be afraid to refer people out. Right? So I just thought she said I am not touchy feely or mindset. I’m very much like, it looks like this is happening. Like I can do surface stuff, but like really deep dives of childhood tra as or anything like that. I’m not qualified and they’re not even comfortable talking about that. So I just referred this out and that actually increased your credibility. It doesn’t take away. Totally. So yeah, anytime that people come to me and they’re like constantly just wanting to talk about mindset stuff and like I’m scared, I’m just afraid of this.

We’d never want to get into tacticals because I’m a strategist. Also coach, , there’s these other people that can serve them better like Mexico or therapist or something that, which, , yeah, so just being like, knowing what your skills are, what you’re good at and into that is going to serve you as, you’re going to be happier too because you’re not going to happen to get uncomfortable in a way that doesn’t serve you because there is a way to get out of your comfort zone. But there’s also that, that’s gonna help you grow, but there’s also a way to get outside of your comfort zone in a way that’s actually going to make you feel miserable and like not 30 whatsoever. , and we don’t want that.

Surely I was just typing api better. Yeah. Yeah. The thing is too, I don’t even just expand on that just a little bit. You know, Camille is talking about what’s your special thing. It could be that you’re really bubbly and positive and happy, right? Like don’t think that people are only going to come to you because maybe you went to Harvard, you don’t have a phd in something, and not to say that those aren’t free qualifications, but you don’t have to think about what’s special about. Honestly, people don’t even look at that like no one cares unless you’re. Unless that’s your thing. Then like you can have it up obviously, but like people only care about themselves really. They just want their problem solved. That’s only lot right? If you have the ability to help them finish their book, maybe you’re just like a pretty finisher and you can help them finish a book.

Who cares where you went to school cares if you even have a degree who, if you would’ve finished high school or not, it doesn’t matter because if you have a track record of finishing and that’s what you’re focusing on, that’s what people want. So yeah, entrepreneurs that my first book I ever wrote, My book writing coach didn’t go to college and I got my master’s degree. It’s not like I really care. She’s just really good at writing and she was great. The like she was super supportive and encouraging and that’s what I wanted. It wasn’t like I don’t want you because we don’t have like super degree or potential and she didn’t even have a certification. There you go. So now if you were really serious about being a coach or having an online business, then the next step really, and I think this is a great opportunity, is that January in live event where she and a ton of different experts or packing a lot of information in two, three days to kind of get you from zero to whatever you want to say.

Super, super. Like after you leave the event, you should be able to run out there and just hit the ground. We’re just going to talk a lot about the branding piece for showing up as a, as an authority, as a coach, other new or established. We’re going to talk about the marketing pieces of how to actually attract clients and how to make sure that you’re talking about the work that you do in an effective way that’s actually interesting to people and in a way that people actually want to pay money for it versus just constantly doing the free sessions forever. This is a big piece that people struggle with is that sales piece. So how do you actually talk about your packages that you structure your five figure income goals. A lot of our clients want to get to five or 10, eight months, so you understand exactly how to do that as a coach, , structurally, so you’re not unclear.

You’re just like literally, this is how we’re doing it to get to five or 10 k a month. , and then also talking just about like, well, what are the things that you’re going to be posting? What are the things that you’re going to be? , you know, if you’re going to be doing live video, forget whatever that marketing strategy is going to look like. You’re gonna leave with an actual specific marketing plan. So you can hit the ground running in 2019 and really hit all of your goals, income and impact wise, uh, in your business. So really, really powerful stuff. It’s January in San Diego. Yeah, totally. We have people coming from literally all over Canada. We have people from east coast, like all last event I did, I had a person come from Australia, , which is really cool. So we have people coming from all over and everybody loves San Diego.

It’s quite lovely here. , and I mean the stuff that we’re going to share, it’s like you’re going to leave, you know, totally on fire and a different person. So I would definitely love to support you in becoming that person that you had hear that two weeks. So there is inside your workbook, there’s a link to the Ed and register for that event and it has three different levels of. Yes, one of them is already sold out. So we have general admission tickets. So this is a, you get to come to the event, you get to speak for all a’s, watch all the sessions and just be there with us. And potentially you can also get a free 60 day trial and in my membership site where I share stuff with you around marketing and business of this month, one, those are around how to make sure that you’re finishing the year strong.

Uh, so people are allowing income people so far. But uh, yeah, so we currently have actually bring a friend to offers so you can bring even come yourself and bring an entrepreneur friend with you for a only $197 plus $1 for the friend. And then the second option is the achy option, which includes all the things that I mentioned, but also get a private coaching call with me where we can dive deeper into what you’re specifically doing. Again, that individual support and really hit the ground running from there. So this one is, the vap is $297, plus you get to again bring a friend for dollar as well. So it’s a really great deal. I can’t even tell you like it. Plus you’re going to get access to, you know, for three days. I’m going to be there at the conference dear. If you have any questions and if these fired through my link, I do have a special bonus for you.

So everybody was fine. I will have a special gift when you arrived. It was just sneak peek of it using it as a prop. There we go. So you weren’t growing again. It says, oh, happy day. , it’s a really cute box. I ended up, you guys have seen cultivate what matters, but they have what are called power sheet and this is one of their brand new power sheets and it’s right here. It’s going to come just like this wrath in bubble wrap so we won’t even, it’s not even, it’s like a virgin site. , so this is really nice. It comes to the bubble wrap and then because that’s not enough, it also has another piece of plastic over suffering it super, really nice retail for $58 plus shipping. , and so it has, I don’t even know if he can see that it has gold foil here on the front.

You have all your welcome cards. I’m inside here and this goes through all of 2019 and it honestly is the best thing for you. It’s not a planner, just to be clear, it’s a goal planner, so it’s going to help you with a lot of different mindset things that asks a lot of different questions. , I know it’s hard to see there’s gold foil even inside of it, but it has both planning and then it has four. Every month you’re going to get a new sheet and you’re going to get a bunch of different questions that are, prompts you for the whole year. So you’re going to get all of you are going to get one of these as soon as you left it in San Diego. So exciting. We really hope to see you in that moment. Just for those, just because I think this is a really great opportunity to do a side hustle and I don’t know if you guys notice if you ever go to the website, I mean the way we met is actually a client.

So the only reason I am inhabit this, this or that I am able to do anything or do this for a living is because she set everything up now. I cheated and I tended just a one day intensive and I didn’t. I just said tell me what to do. Basically she just wrote everything else on piece. So you know again, like I was saying she is very expensive so this is a great opportunity for you to like get all of that information in three days in the event and also network with other people. Would love to see you. So let us help you with any questions at all or anything like that. That would you if you don’t live in San Diego at would actually come for new years eve because it’s like who wants to spend two years eve? And I used to live in Chicago and every single time for New Year’s Eve I was just like one year.

And then like here it’s amazing. It’s just like the best and there’s no traffic. Like last year I went to a few like to friends houses and there was no traffic or it was not hard to get an uber. It was so weird. Versus in Chicago I will be like dying outside. It’s snowing. I’m like, I need to bring my ugg boots with me. I can’t even hear my heels on. And then like hopefully get a cab within an hour. It’s just a great, great time to be. Tell them the dates, the dates, the first weekend of January. It’s January fourth, a Friday until Sunday a go. So, , yeah, definitely grab your ticket. You could grab your hotel. We have great deals on hotels. Well, , a lot of options around downtown San Diego and uh, yeah, it would be amazing to have you. So. Alright, well I think that’s it for questions. So thanks for watching.