How To Get FREE ARCs & New Book Releases

I don’t know about you but I love getting books before they come out and new releases the day of. It’s sort of like the Red Carpet event for book lovers. And I have been known to speed read through an entire novel in one night because it was so great I just couldn’t put it down.


  • 0:27 #1 Giveaways
  • 0:34 Reminder: I’m hosting Vlogmas 2017: Dec 1 -24 which is a HUGE daily book giveaway
  • 0:55 #2 Netgalley
  • 1:29 #3 Conferences & Conventions
  • 2:07 How Reader Conventions Work
  • 2:30 How Book Conferences That Give Away Books Work
  • 2:38 #3A BEA Book Expo America
  • 2:45 Where BEA is Held: Javits Center
  • 3:08 Celebrity Book Signings
  • 3:29 #4 RWA – Romance Writers of America & RT Romantic Times Convention
  • 3:45 The Giant Book Fair has no free books
  • 4:00 How to get FREE books at RWA & RT
  • 4:51 #5 Thrillerfest
  • 5:48 #6 Penguin First To Read



First let’s define what an ARC is


Advanced Reader Copies made available to book reviewers and publicists to garner additional book reviews. They typically aren’t completely edited and may have some typos. And there is usually a big Not For Sale stamp across them. Although, you are welcome to give them away which is something I do all the time.

Now, onto where to find these little gems of gold!

1 | Giveaways

I’m not the only show in town who does giveaways. They’re everywhere. Search for the hashtag…..#giveaways.


This Channel is giving away 2 new books EVERY DAY for Vlogmas 2017. To win a book:

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  3. New winners announced at the end of each week via the Mailing List

2 | Netgalley

This is an aggregator of free ARCs and new releases from major publishers.

3| Conferences & Conventions

You have to physically attend these to get the free books but if you love travel, meeting new reader friends and meeting your favorite authors then why not score some free books while you’re there. Plus, if you love Romance, I have a nifty calendar for you!

2017-2018 Calendar of

Conferences & ConventionsĀ 

for Romance Writers & Readers

over 100+ conferences listed!

4 | BEA Book Expo America

This is the biggest annual book conference of the year – you should go at least in once your lifetime. It’s held in NY each year at the Javitts Center so bonus – you get to see my former home and favorite city!

5 | RWA & RT

Romance Writers of America Annual Conference rotates locations each year, as does the Romantic Times Convention. Both of which you will need to register as a full-on attendee to win free books. Do NOT register for the Giant Book Fairs for readers alone as those will provide no free books. They’re like a regular reader convention and there for you to purchase $$ books.

6 | Thrillerfest

Just like BEA, this is hosted in NY as well in the summer. If you time it right, you could extend your trip and attend both conferences.This is just like RWA and RT but it is for mystery, crime, horror and thriller novels.

‘7 | Penguin First To Read

Most of their books are literary fiction which is a big snooze if you’re a genre fiction reader. But they do have a few good novels here and there. For the most part, I am interested in only maybe 1 books a month. These are electronic only so no physical copies here.



Hi, everyone. I’m Lisa and today I want to talk to you about how to get free ARCs and recent releases from new authors that you really love or from publishers when you’re just starting out and maybe you are not a BookTuber or a book blogger or maybe you have a very small following.

The number one way to get those ARCs is simply from giveaways. I do giveaways and other people who are more established BookTubers and book bloggers do give giveaways of those books because once they’ve read them, they probably have plenty of books and they are read to do a giveaway. That is the first place and it’s also a great place to learn if you are trying to figure out if you would like to be a BookTuber or a book blogger.

The second place you can get books is NetGalley. Now, NetGalley does pick and choose who it wants to give its books to and when I say NetGalley, it’s basically a sort of holding site for publishers to meet book reviewers and book bloggers. I have had a lot of luck cookbook getting books on there even though I’m not a full or even part-time book reviewer. That has been a great source of getting free books, now. I will say those are eBooks, so I have not received any physical copies from that.

Let’s talk about physical copies that you can get or ARCs and other things. That is conferences and conventions. When I say conferences and conventions, there are two very different types of conferences and conventions. One is where authors get together and you have to pay a price of admission to go there and in exchange you can meet your author, you can get books that you already own signed. They’ll usually have a quota on how many books you can bring into the convention and then in exchange though, they’re hoping that you’re coming there to purchase books from the author. So, this isn’t necessarily a book convention where you’re going to get free books, although some authors do give them out, but most likely they’re more established authors that have paid for a seat at this conference or convention and they are hoping that you simply purchase their books or bring a copy that you have already purchased and just want their signature.

The ones I’m talking about where you can get free books are conferences and conventions. The biggest one is BookExpo America. That happens in New York every year. I’ve been to it for a few years and there is usually a schedule, although not always. BookExpo America is huge. It’s over at the Javits Center in New York and the expo floor is filled with tons of publishers. Now, there will be a ton of books and ARCs that each of the publishing houses will have up at their display in the book expo. They are not books that you can take, unfortunately. They’re just there to sort of let people know what’s coming out.

The authors though do have books that they give away. There’s usually a schedule of who’s giving out what and you can go there and they have lines kind of like you see at Great America. It’s kind of stockade lines and you have to make sure you’re in the right stockade line for the author that you want.

There are other conferences that are more genre specific. If you like romance, you can go to RWA and the Romantic Times convention. Now, you will need to go as an attendee of the actual conference. The reason is because they have a book fair, but the book fair is just like the other book fairs I described where you are expected to purchase the book or you are simply bringing in your one or two book quota to get the author to sign it. You aren’t necessarily receiving a free book in exchange.

However, if you are an attendee of the conference, they are always giving out free books. If you go to, say, the Penguin talk or the HarperCollins talk, you can get free books at those sessions or they have parties as part of the conference or they have games or whatever and each publisher will host one. There’s typically a long line to get in, but I’ve always gotten in. I don’t think there’s ever been one that I wasn’t able to get into. And then the author will be there with a set number of books that the publisher has provided and you can get their signature, but you should pick and choose because those books do go fast. So, if you were in a very long line, say, for a huge top author, you may miss out on, say, eight other ARCs and books that you could have received instead because you were waiting in line for that one author.

The other genre conferences are ThrillerFest and they give a ton of books out there. Crime, mystery, true crime, thrillers, obviously, horror books, and that’s a really great conference where I’ve always come away with a ton of books.

The Writer’s Digest Conference. I did not receive any free books at the Writer’s Digest Conference. Even though it is a conference about books and there are writers there, that one had zero to give out.

What else? There’s a ton of conferences. In fact, if you want, I have a huge calendar of writing conferences and conventions just because I like to stay on top of what’s going on and who’s doing what and where people are going. This has a combination of both of those conferences I talked about, both the big ones like RWA and ThrillerFest, as well as the paid ones where you pay a ticket and you’re going more as a fan. I think the best thing for you to do is look through those and see what you like.

I know Penguin has a program called Penguin First Reads. They will send out a list of books that are coming out and ARCs and you can sign up for those and opt in to receive copies of those, but again, those are electronic. They’re not physical print copies like you would get at conventions. Aside from the cost of the convention and the travel, the book is free, and honestly if you really love books, it’s really a great place to go, and then you could take all of those books and you could start a book blog review site or a BookTube channel.

I hope that was helpful and I will leave the link below for all those conferences and conventions and I will see you guys on Monday where we will talk about how to get started if you actually really like this and you want to start up a book review site or be a BookTuber. All right. Bye.


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