How To Start A Booktube Channel

Want to start a Booktube ChannelDo you love books so much you can't stop talking about them and now all of your friends are sick of hearing about them? Well, I have a solution for you - Booktube! What is BooktubeBooktube is a group of YouTubers who create book-focused...

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YouTube Hiatus

YouTube Hiatus I'm taking a break from YouTube until the Cinderella trilogy is finished. I still love YouTube and plan to return but it does take up a lot of time that could be better spent finishing my first draft. Theme: Focus For 2019, my new theme is all about...

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February Goal Setting Workbook

Happy Monday!Or happy extended weekend for those of you enjoying a 3-day weekend.  I have a new Author Freebie for you: February Goal Setting WorkbookAnd I've included a special section: a Habit TrackerEvery year, I have a gazillion and one new habits I'd...

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